A NEW Yogi Blogger

I entered the yoga world not too long ago, so I am a yogi fresh off the boat. My girlfriend came to visit in the beginning of this year and she mentioned that she usually go and do Bikram yoga & just a few days after I had chatted with her there was this shinning Groupon e-mail screaming my name “Unlimited Hot Yoga – Bikram – $39.99 for your 1st  Month“. Of course I had to try it out. It was like someone had sent this Groupon thing from heaven:)

My first experience with the Bikram class was dreading but amazing at the same time. Throughout the class, sweat was pouring – and my mind kept telling me to just stop it and leave the room – but I decided to do the mattter over mind way that I have created {don’t let your mind control you – just do it!} – once the class finally was finished I came out and felt cleansed – both mentally & physically. The air, light and feeling that I had was amazing. From that day on – I became a yogi and took Bikram to my heart.

When I first started Bikram I was a smoker – and for each time I went to class I realized that I cannot detoxify myself through yoga and then go home and poison myself with cigarettes – throughout my now 6 months of being a yogi – I have managed to quit smoking, drinking and started to live a much healthier lifestyle. And I have to say that most of it is because of the passion I got for doing Bikram & yoga.

And all I can say is that I love it.


Yogi Rita

{now 2 months & 18 days smoke-free + $380 in savings}