Baby Yogi Countdown & inspiring Yoga Shoot with @fitqueenirene

Now it’s less than a week until little Peanut is scheduled to arrive. I went to the doctor yesterday and my body hasn’t adjusted yet for his arrival but he is all ready to go – he has got his position upside down (downward dog) ready for a while. Isn’t it amazing how we have been able to live in such a small little swaddle place upside down/sideways/or in any position for 9 (/10) months – and when we come out we learn everything from scratch – not being able to breathe in water – and amazingly we where made in liquid.

I think life is fascinating.

BTW – I have been a little busy these past few days – got the opportunity to meet & get to know FitQueenIrene (@fitqueenirene) from Instagram. She is such an inspiration! Amazingly bendy, fit & strong. I got a chance to photograph her & it was soo much fun. I not only enjoy photographing myself on my “selfie-yoga-sprees” but realized it is a lot of fun photographing other yogi/ini’s! She was such an easy model to photograph since she can hold her handstands for a very long time. And at times it was me taking the time finding a good angle rather than her finding a good position in holding her pose.

I hope you will enjoy the below photo shoot as much as I did!

Namaste to you from Peanut & I.


Amazingly bendy & fit @fitqueenirene doing a beautiful asana at Waimanalo Beach.


Even Peanut & I got a chance to hang with Ms. FitQueenIrene:) We had a lot of fun & of course we where careful & enjoyed hanging out in the sun.


If I only could bend a little I would be happy. She is even able to make a split into a teardrop split! Amazing!


If you haven’t followed her you should! @fitqueenirene on Instagram – she is known to be the handstand queen with amazing bandhas.

A Garudasana Day.

Time is just flying by – it feels like I just woke up this morning but it is already Thursday evening. I’m not sure if the time sensitivity I have started to feel lately has to do with my pregnancy or just in general.

Anywhoo – today I had a great day I managed to add a new project on my to-do list that I have decided that I want to do before Peanut comes out. A secret project that I will reveal once it is all complete. And I got my daily pose out on Instagram for all mama-to-be’s and I had a wonderful lunch with my new friend Sylvia, who also is my Ashtanga teacher here on the island. We went and had a israeli lunch & talked about life & yoga. And she shared the concept of Mysore – which I totally want to try out once I can go back to my regular yoga practice!

Now I am off to bed as my feet are swollen like Michelin feet. I get very swollen & puffy in the evening, which I think mainly is from the heat. Tomorrow is a new day & I will be off to the beach again to do some yoga.

Below is the pose of the day for my IG yoga challenge – it is a little too tight for some mama’s in the third trimester, which I realized today. But for anyone who feel it is too tight – I would suggest to open up the legs instead of twisting them as we need to make space for our baby belly.

A Revised Seated Eagle Pose - Garudasana.

A Revised Seated Eagle Pose – Garudasana.

The Yoga Soul(s) is back.

I haven’t bloggid for a loong time. I think I get inspired to bloggi when I do yoga. My mind starts to think about all the ins & outs about both the world, my surroundings and myself. For the past weeks I have grown a lot & the heaviness have made me even dread taking a walk around Diamond Head – so my yoga practice have suffered. I converted my Ashtanga practice to a weekly prenatal practice. And have kept up with my instagram pictures but not as fully as I would have wanted to.

Now it is only 8 weeks left until Peanut is scheduled to arrive out of living his belly life. And yes, I am not sure if I mentioned but it is a little yogi boy in there. I think he is enjoying his belly life in there. I get to feel both his arms, legs & head move around on a daily basis. Even though he is in the belly I never imagined the love I have for this little bundle of joy.

Here is a update of the latest & greatest picture I took for my IG yoga account, which shows Peanut. And in a few days I am starting a prenatal yoga challenge for all mom’s-to-be who are on IG to join. And I decided since I haven’t bloggid for a long time – I will also add the challenge to this blog, which will show a daily prenatal yoga pose with some inspirational words & directions.

Namaste to you all & I look forward blogging again!

Latest Sand Island IG update of the growing belly – now we have hit the 32 week milestone.