Yoga Mantra of the Day: A New Daily Breath

By doing yoga you get a chance to live in the now. There is something magical that happens that makes you less anxious about tomorrow and less depressed about your yesterday.

For me yoga relieves all the stress from yesterday & tomorrow and opens up the day as a new day, which is why I decided to create the below yoga inspirational quote of the day. Once you are off the mat after the going through struggles, enjoyments, hardships & breaths – your mind is clear & it gives you a day of a new beginning.

I hope that you are enjoying today’s new beginning as I will this morning!


Every Day is a New Beginning. Take a Deep Breath & Start Again.

Every Day is a New Beginning. Take a Deep Breath & Start Again – Yoga Inspirational Quote

I ♥ Yoga

So other than loving yoga I am also a designer by heart. If I get the right freedom & inspiration I design. Actually, the time I enjoy the most is when I design random things like the one design quote on top without having it being work related or requested. I guess my design turns out the best when I have the freedom to design anything I like. If you love yoga – feel free to grab the design – it is free for any of my yogi peers to use. Enjoy the I ♥ Yoga quote of the Monday.