#babybumpyoga Challenge & Inspiration.

It is only 7 weeks left of my pregnancy. And while writing this I feel that I will miss my pregnancy. I have really enjoyed this baby bump ride! I feel that during this pregnancy I have found a purpose of who I am, what I love & what I can do. I have become more spiritually open & connected both to myself & my growing baby. I found a new passion that have connected me with other mothers-to-be through my inspirational yoga pictures & the community is growing. Today I am starting a new journey for the next upcoming month of the mini-prenatal yoga challenge on Instagram.

And even though my baby will come out in a few weeks I have started a new chapter in my life that have made me both grow, connect & inspire through a “simple” iPhone app. And I feel that this new chapter has just begun, which is very exciting.

If you know of someone who is currently pregnant – please share this mama-to-be friendly yoga challenge. Even though it is through Instagram, I will be posting the daily photos here on my blog as well as an inspiration for other mama-to-be’s who doesn’t have access to Instagram. This challenge will most likely only be happening for this upcoming month but I am just glad that I am able to inspire other mama-to-be’s through my very own passion of photography, design & yoga.

#babybumpyoga Challenge on Instagram – Yoga Poses for Day 1 through 3.




Day 3 – A Quick Cup of Yoga Latte with the Downward Dog.

This is probably one of my (favorite) poses of them all in terms of really feeling that the body is making improvements in all the limbs. This is not the pose of choice but it really works me every time I do it and the improvements happen in just minutes – a quick cup of yoga latte I would say for anyone who is wondering what this pose will do for you! Maybe the quick improvements is what makes me enjoy it soo much. We all want to improve & feel good about ourselves quickly/instantly. So for someone who need to stretch it all out after their workout, (especially a runner) I would end my run by stretching out my limbs by honoring the earth with the downward dog !

Are you enjoying your Superbowl Sunday? I myself is not a big fan of football – so instead I decided in the very last minute to join a 4 weeks series Ashtanga workshop at Open Space Yoga with my favorite &  the best Ashtanga instructors here on the island Yoko! So excited – I am so happy that I get to spend Superbowl Sunday with learning the ins & outs about Ashtanga rather than hearing a loud sportscaster on television!

Honoring the sky with the Downward Dog - a quick full-body-feel-good-stretch of the day!

Honoring the earth with the Downward Dog – a quick cup of yoga latte!

@GrowSoulBeautiful Instagram Challenge.

I tried to join the inversion army & failed. I also tried the @beachyogagirl challenge, which I also failed as most of the poses was a bit too stretchy for me as a pregnant yogi. However, this time I am prepared! Wihooo, I choose a challenge that I am able to manage together with little Peanut. And it already starts today, which is very exciting. Let’s see if I can pull it off this time.

For any of my yogi followers if you have Instagram please join me during this months challenge! My @instagram name is @theyogasoul – otherwise you can always keep up with me here on WordPress as well but I would love to follow you on instagram as well if you are an avid Instagramer.

Today’s pose is the childs pose (balasana), which I really enjoy. I actually enjoy doing this pose more than the savasana. I could lay in this pose all day if I could – for some reason this pose makes me feel real comfort.

Do you have any special pose that you feel comfort in?

Entered the @growsobeautiful challenge today by submitting my Childs Pose (balasana) - I could stay in this pose forever.

Entered the @growsoulbeautiful challenge today by submitting my Childs Pose (balasana) – I could stay in this pose for forever.

Day 9 out of Infinity – Daily Naps & Discipline

I am lucky enough to be able to work from home. But at times it is difficult to find the discipline to get the work done – I rather go and do yoga:) For the past few weeks my mind have been in yoga rather than work. However, I do know that I need to get back to work again. I have been working but not as much as I should be working. I just need to learn to do my scheduling right & follow it, which is easier said than done.

One problem I got is that once I am finished with my yoga training, I get exhausted and this is both from doing Bikram & Ashtanga. The muscles in my body feel like they all get inflamed – which makes me super tired & I go for my daily nap. Once my nap is over I feel superb! But this process does take away a few hours of my day…This is something I really need to work on – otherwise I will need to make some changes in my priorities, which I don’t really want to make….

I am always open for suggestions!:)

Day 4 out of 7 – Mind on Overload.

Head to Knee Pose. On my first day I couldn’t touch my feet – Now I can!

In my previous post I mentioned that anything can be accomplished if you just put your mind to it, which I totally believe in!

However, at times I have a tendency to freeze. I think the freezing happens when I want to accomplish something too much or when I am overloaded.

I am a bit of a perfectionist – which is the reason for why I choose to start myself with just a 7 day yoga challenge. I didn’t want to overload myself and not be able to maintain my goal. I think we all make mistakes by overloading ourselves. However, a dream I just got not too long ago is to one day, {some day} – be able to wake up and do yoga in front of my husband sleeping in the morning like the Equinox trailer {what at talent she is & what a beautifully filmed trailer}. I want to be able to do the headstand perfectly when doing Ashtanga series without having to put my feet against the wall for support.

But I still need to remember that I do have a long way to go – and not to overload myself and still yet enjoy the progress I am making for each day I go to my yoga class. Maybe one day I will be able to wake up in the morning and do the yoga sequence like the woman in the Equinox video {when the time is right}.

All I need to remember is to stop putting my mind on overload..