Yoga Quote of the Day – Where There is Love There is Light.

I don’t remember the last time I put together a design. It was at least 8 months ago….however, I think I finally am back behind the computer screen designing away. So today I got inspired by the one & the only Mahatma Gandhi, whose quote always warm my heart.


Bikram I’m back!

2 months & 17 days in from recovering & adjusting to mommy hood I get to visit the Bikram shala with my mat! What an experience! I had a feeling of gratitude through most of the practice. However, at times I really missed my little son since I never have been away from him before. I cannot imagine mama’s who have to work & leave their little blessings at home!! I am soo blessed to be able to stay home with my little spirit!

At first it was easy going through all the breathing & initial poses but after about 30 minutes I was ready to throw in the towel. My mind started feeling sorry for myself as I was still recovering from pregnancy I thought….at around 50 minutes of heat, sweat & yoga I finally started to really enjoy the practice. My feelings of gratitude & happiness came back! And the timing of waiting for more than 2 months felt perfect! I wouldn’t have enjoyed doing Bikram anytime sooner.


Coo-coos in Lotus Pose

Ever since my last post & the decision I made with myself & also with my husband of not listening to anyone in regards to their input of how to raise my little baby, I have connected even more with my beautiful little boy! He never cries & only wakes up once I twice during night to be feed. He smiles & coo-coos. On top of it, he slept all by himself during the day yesterday & have started to be able to play & coo-coo on his own.

And due to my little baby now being able too coo-coo & sleep by himself during the day, mama gets some lone time, which means yoga time!!

Yesterday I managed both to stand still for a few seconds in a pincha & learn how to get into a lotus pose while doing a supported headstand! Soo exciting as mama got to coo-coo all on her own in her lotus pose!

My next mission is to manage to take myself to my long-waited Bikram class but I am slowly conquering one thing at a time.


Side Tracking

I haven’t blogged for a while. Been a bit side tracked Instagram & I also found another craving of eating & photographing good healthy food. There are soo many things I love doing & my mind is on a frequent yoga creativity spark. I want to blame it all on Instagram. Such a fun medium & there is a really strong IG (Instagram) Yoga community of wonderful Yogis who inspire & cheer you up throughout your day! But I haven’t forgot to blog – so now I am back again.

Sharing a super simple recipe of one of my latest IG food posts in case you need a little new spark for your next lunch/snack indulgence:)

Crisp Bread w/ Pesto Basil Mixed Cottage Cheese & Vegetables.

Crisp Bread w/ Pesto Basil Mixed Cottage Cheese & Vegetables. Just add some Pesto to your next cottage cheese craving & it will spark up your taste buds like never before!


Day 8 – Ashtanga Friday.

Today it’s beautiful Aloha Friday! And I am going to go & see if I still can last through my favorite Ashtanga class with Yoko. I went to another yoga class in the beginning of this week and didn’t enjoy it at all. Being pregnant I do not enjoy spending too much time doing core moves & I don’t enjoy the belly hanging too much for some reason – in the last class my belly looked like a cone and I got the regular worry that something was wrong with my belly & Peanut {might be a common hypochondria symptom of pregnant women bearing their first child}. So when I was done with class I was done with the teacher….never looking back to that yoga class during my pregnancy. So keep your finger that I still have the energy & ability to continue with doing Ashtanga instead. Some women are able to go through the class throughout their pregnancy & some don’t. Let’s see in what category I will fall into.

Saturday update to come about my Ashtanga progress.

Loving the burn you get from the Chaturanga Dandasana!

Loving the burn you get from the Chaturanga Dandasana in your shoulders during the Sun Salutations in Ashtanga!


    Todays @growsoulbeautiful move is the Easy Pose {Sukhasana}.

Todays @growsoulbeautiful move is the Easy Pose {Sukhasana}.


Day 7 – a Fired Up Mind.

For the past few days I haven’t been sleeping well enough – my mind is on fire. It usually happens when I get back in “work” mode. My eyes open up at exactly 5am in the morning & last night I had to go up as my mind didn’t want to put itself on snooze. When my mind get on fire there are only two things that will help it calm down – meditation or a rigid & tiring exercise hour {preferably by doing Bikram or Ashtanga}. However, I don’t have the discipline to do a full Ashtanga class by myself at home in the evening as my body has gotten too heavy lately. And I am “banned” from doing Bikram until my pregnancy is complete.

So today I have decided to dedicate my day to meditation as I will not be able to calm my fired up mind with Ashtanga nor Bikram before I head to bed today.

Psst….interesting enough….today’s @growsoulbeautiful pose is the tree pose…it helps balance our body both on a physical level but also on a mental level. It also helps increase the self-confidence & self-esteem. Maybe I should do my meditation today in the tree pose – it will most likely take some of my energy to find the balance with my eyes closed & fired-up mind.

Meditation, meditation & meditation will be on my agenda today.

Meditation, meditation & meditation will be on my agenda today.


Today's move is the Tree Pose - a pose that helps you balance yourself both physically & mentally.

Today’s move is the Tree Pose – a pose that helps you balance yourself both physically & mentally.


Day 5 – From Dark to Light Upward Bows

Bending backwards have never been a problem. Believe it or not I really enjoy doing this pose. I have an easier time doing backward bends rather than forward bends. I love finding the meaning of what a pose does for you both mentally and physically and in regards to the Yoga Magazine the upward bow/wheel pose {Urdhva Dhanurasana} is heart chakra opener that counteracts depression & anxiety. And I have to admit sometimes I can get both depressed & anxious. So next time I start feeling any of the dullness & dark trying to sneak it’s way through to my mind – I will put myself in the upward bow & counteract the dullness and dark to happiness and light.

By doing the upward bow {Urdhva Dhanurasana} you will help counteract any symptoms of depression & anxiety.

By doing the upward bow {Urdhva Dhanurasana} you will help counteract any symptoms of depression & anxiety.

Day 4 – Cocoon Hips.

Today I am butterflying out the pose that is set for the @growsobeautiful challenge. When I was younger I used to be able to do this pose easily but now I have got the tightest hips on the planet, which I need to work out before little Peanut comes out. So I guess I need to go back to the mat and work on those tight hips so that my little butterfly can fly out from it’s cocoon once we hit the end of the June mark!

Yesterdays Ashtanga workshop was very interesting. I didn’t know there where 6 series in the Ashtanga practice – and I am at the moment working on conquering the 1/2 half primary series. I won’t even want to think about the full series as that is another chapter I will open within the far future. We spent most of the class focusing on doing the correct breathing together with learning how to do Surya Namaskara A & B (sun salutations) properly.

Butterflying out Day 4 of the @growsobeautiful Instagram challenge.

My hips are currently in cocoon stage of the Butterfly pose:)

Practicing Sun Salutations but realized that my hands should be touching the ground in Ashtanga rather than the feet (I guess I was going for Ashtanga/Bikram style in this picture).

Practicing Sun Salutations but realized that my hands should be touching the ground in Ashtanga rather than the feet (I guess I was going for Ashtanga/Bikram style in this picture).

Day 3 – A Quick Cup of Yoga Latte with the Downward Dog.

This is probably one of my (favorite) poses of them all in terms of really feeling that the body is making improvements in all the limbs. This is not the pose of choice but it really works me every time I do it and the improvements happen in just minutes – a quick cup of yoga latte I would say for anyone who is wondering what this pose will do for you! Maybe the quick improvements is what makes me enjoy it soo much. We all want to improve & feel good about ourselves quickly/instantly. So for someone who need to stretch it all out after their workout, (especially a runner) I would end my run by stretching out my limbs by honoring the earth with the downward dog !

Are you enjoying your Superbowl Sunday? I myself is not a big fan of football – so instead I decided in the very last minute to join a 4 weeks series Ashtanga workshop at Open Space Yoga with my favorite &  the best Ashtanga instructors here on the island Yoko! So excited – I am so happy that I get to spend Superbowl Sunday with learning the ins & outs about Ashtanga rather than hearing a loud sportscaster on television!

Honoring the sky with the Downward Dog - a quick full-body-feel-good-stretch of the day!

Honoring the earth with the Downward Dog – a quick cup of yoga latte!

Day 2 – Being a Warrior

Today is my second day of the @growsoulbeautiful instagram challenge. And today we got to be warriors saluting the sky. Peanut is also joining in & standing strong in the belly. Saturday it is & I am looking forward spending the rest of my day with my hubby man who finally is off work. My work week this week went fairly well. I was not as disciplined as I wanted to be but I managed to kickstart my new project & maintaining a new month of my online business. Not too bad. Have to continue to stand strong & firm with myself to keep myself disciplined during this next coming week.

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend & I will see you tomorrow with my day 3 out of my #yogaposeaday challenge.

Standing strong as a Warrior One with Peanut!

Standing strong as a Warrior One with Peanut & I saluting the sky!

@GrowSoulBeautiful Instagram Challenge.

I tried to join the inversion army & failed. I also tried the @beachyogagirl challenge, which I also failed as most of the poses was a bit too stretchy for me as a pregnant yogi. However, this time I am prepared! Wihooo, I choose a challenge that I am able to manage together with little Peanut. And it already starts today, which is very exciting. Let’s see if I can pull it off this time.

For any of my yogi followers if you have Instagram please join me during this months challenge! My @instagram name is @theyogasoul – otherwise you can always keep up with me here on WordPress as well but I would love to follow you on instagram as well if you are an avid Instagramer.

Today’s pose is the childs pose (balasana), which I really enjoy. I actually enjoy doing this pose more than the savasana. I could lay in this pose all day if I could – for some reason this pose makes me feel real comfort.

Do you have any special pose that you feel comfort in?

Entered the @growsobeautiful challenge today by submitting my Childs Pose (balasana) - I could stay in this pose forever.

Entered the @growsoulbeautiful challenge today by submitting my Childs Pose (balasana) – I could stay in this pose for forever.

@beachyogagirl January Challenge on Instagram

So I am starting this new year by joining the @beachyogagirl challenge on instagram. The last one I tried to join was a inversion army challenge and that didn’t go very well – I only lasted for 3 days or so…..I am not as flexible as I want to be:) The @beachyogagirl challenge is much easier. The first day starts with a Bikram “inspired” move – the dhanurasana. I used to be pretty good in doing the dhanurasana but I haven’t done it for a little while because I got the gift of carrying a new little life in my belly! My little Peanut is today 16 weeks in belly-life. So the dhanurasana was made in bed just so that the little Peanut could comfortably join in:)

Now Peanut & I am off to enjoy some Ashtanga for this new year! Aloha!


The love of a Gazillionare

Often times we forget & just continue to live our humbug life. We forget to enjoy our relationships. We forget to be thankful for our loved ones. And we forget to treasure the moments & the people of our now. I admit I am very comfortable, rarely get out of my zone & forget to be thankful for everyone I have around me. However, at times you get important happenings out of the blue that calls for our attention of treasuring the moment & to get out of your comfort zone. I got that twice now for the past two days – two very opposite happenings – that made me stop & treasure the amazing relationships I have in my life. Even though I don’t own a mansion, have 50 pairs of Manolo Blanik shoes or the latest yoga mat – we cannot forget that life is not about the materialistic tangibles – and sometimes we need to stop to judge ourselves in the tangibles but rather treasure the intangible relationships we have and how it helps us grow & prosper as loving individuals.

The individual that means the world to me is my husband. He is not only my husband but also my best friend & my soul mate. His beautiful personality, soul & spirit makes my heart beat deeper for each day we are together. And if our love could be measured in money we would be gazillionaires:)

So I guess today’s word is that you should take a deep breath, close your eyes & forget about the humbug stressful life, forget about whether you own the latest Lululemon Power Up tank top that you don’t have and instead let your mind warm your heart from all the beautiful relationships you have around you! Don’t forget that we are all connected & without love we would not survive (but without a Lululemon Power tank top you would!)



12/12/12 Lululemon Yoga Day

In regards to the Google feed & news – today is supposed to be the end of the world…and in regards to my Facebook feed some of my friends are a little off when it comes to the Mayan prophecy & they believe the world is ending today….but we still yet have a few days to go until it ends – 9 days to be exact.

Do you believe in the ending of our world? Or do you think it was just a misinterpretation from the Mayans? I am not sure, the world didn’t end today and maybe will not end on the 21st either but maybe it is not a big-bang-theory ending. Maybe the ending of our world is something other than a big bang maybe we are just ending a era and starting a new. I don’t know – all we can do is speculate but still we will never know the future.

So to celebrate the unknown I am going to the 12/12/12 Lululemon All Day-Yoga-Love-Day – to celebrate my existence and passion for yoga:) Our local Lululemon store is giving out free yoga classes  at a variety of yoga studios in town in return for you to submit why you love yoga – and I wanted to go and check out the studio where I will have my teacher training at & of course share my bliss for yoga:)

Namaste to you on this beautiful 12/12/12 day.


Medicine Against a Worried Mind.

Everywhere I go I hear worries – in the news, from my mother-in-law, on Facebook, at the gym & in my own mind. The other day I was wondering if the human mind always have had this worried mind? Or is it something we have generated in our modern society? I admit – I worry myself too but ever since I started to do my yoga practice & stopped watching the news…. my mind has slowly but surely started to become less worried.

A few months ago I went & had a massage – the therapist who was a healer told me that I had a worried mind & body – her advice was that I needed to let go of all the worries otherwise I could get sick. She told me to go out and run it off – and I did! The running worked together with my continued yoga practice & non-interest in the news. Today I am less worried.

Off course at times the worry hits me but not as severely as it did before. If I start to feel anxious & worried I turn of the TV, take my running shoes off for a run & end my run in the park with some sun salutations. These are my own 3 simple steps that doesn’t include any pills or remedies in calming myself from a worried mind.



Home Playfullness vs. Yoga Studio Class…..

Today I got a yoga class on my schedule to attend! Today I am going to be firm with my yoga class attendance decision. I have tried to get myself to class for a few days…..instead I do the Ashtanga Yoga app at home with Mr. Michael Gannon. Michael is great in teaching the Ashtanga sequence over the iphone app but for some reason when it starts to get tough & when the shoulders start to burn – Michael doesn’t make me stay with him… I suddenly start to feel everything soo much more. The voice of Mr. Gannon slowly disappears in the clouds of thoughts, to-dos & playfullness of testing my instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills that I don’t have:)

Therefore, today is THE day of me walking myself to class to regain my discipline for my yoga practice as I definitely need to keep up with my yoga practice before I start the teacher training in the beginning of next year!

Hooah as they say in the military – yoga here I come!

This is what happens while I do my at home yoga practice....the instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills starts to take over....

This is what happens while I do my at home yoga practice….the instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills starts to take over….

The Yin/Yang Effects of Yoga

For the past few weeks I have noticed that if I am irritated or angry I get a craving to want to go and do yoga. I think yoga has become my psychologist. It has become a mental outlet for all my feelings. A very interesting aspect that I have noticed for these past two days is that my performance of yoga depends solely on how I am emotionally. You are probably thinking “duh – of course”……However, in my case what I mean is that if I am happy my yoga practice actually doesn’t come out as good as the happiness I have within. This past Sunday I went in to my yoga class feeling bursts of happiness. It was raining outside but I excitedly walked to my yoga practice enjoying the rain drops & the grey mugginess. When I started the practice everything was perfect until after around 15 minutes and everything started to become a struggle. For the remaining 75 minutes I felt like a slug. The happiness & joy that I had before walking in to the yoga room disappeared through my puddles of sweat.

However, today I went to my regular yoga practice feeling irritated & somewhat angry not noticing the beautiful sun & the fresh breeze of air coming through. I was walking with a cloud over my head with steady steps just wanting to go and do my yoga & to get the anger burst out of my chest!

The practice went excellent. I was still strong by the end of class and I felt like I could go on for forever. I walked out from the class with a smile on my face & finally noticing the sun and the fresh breeze of air!

It is amazing how there are two sides to a coin, to our feelings, to the weather & even to our yoga practice. I think I have now reached & come to understand the yin/yang effect of yoga and its power it has on us mentally & physically on both rainy & sunny days!

A Week of Focus

For the past two weeks I have started creating mental strengthening challenges with myself. Last week was a week of working on my patience. This week I decided to work on my focus. I got this idea while I was going through half of my Bikram class two weeks ago. At times the mind start to wander in class, even though you don’t want it to wander. However, I believe in signs and messages. And since the idea stuck with me when I got out of class while I was driving home – I decided to implement it.

Last weeks work of patience was helpful – I didn’t get irritated in traffic, I patiently stood in line & most importantly I started to give myself patience in my yoga practice. I have been pushing myself very hard as I want to be super flexible, & yoga perfect – even though I started doing yoga in January.

This week I dedicated it to a week of focus. I tend to multi-task, juggle between tasks and get bored easily. I always walk around with a feeling that I didn’t put 150% of my energy into things – which has to do with my focus problem. If I would be able to focus on one task at a time – everything I do would be felt as it was complete. Walking around with having tasks that doesn’t feel complete can make it very heavy on the shoulders – and my massage therapist said that I need to relax my shoulders as they are very tense – and maybe the underlying reason could be that I don’t focus.

Lets see if my shoulders are less tense by the end of this week.

Running & Savasana

Today I went running/power walking – I beat my record with a few minutes but I still have a long way to go. I have never been a runner but I always admired people who are running around the park, or at the gym. It looks so relieving but I myself never got the energy, endurance or patience to go for a run. I don’t last for very long. But I decided to break my running “bubble” and have been going for power walks/running about once a week for the past 1.5 months. I really enjoy it – and try to break the bubble each time and encourage my legs to keep on going & not to stop.

After my run I stopped by at the park and did some sun salutations from my iphone app with Mr. Michael Gannon – my favorite pose ended up being the savasana – as I got pretty tired from my power walk/running route and I almost zzzz-ed out:)

A Little Quietness

So I have been a little quiet from my blog for a week – I got thrown off of the photo challenge with Lululemon – it was a bit challenging to match the chosen words they had for their challenge with finding something that would resemble or fit the daily word. But other than that I have spent most of my time working. I still have found the time to do yoga. I even purchased a $3 app to my iphone, which is great!

The app is actually really good – Michael Gannon who is the voice for the workout gives you a few pointers that I didn’t hear before….what I do is that I put my speaker phones on, dig my phone into my running hip bag and play my app. I went to my favorite place Lanikai today and before I enjoyed the day at the beach I followed Mr. Michael Gannon halfway through the Ashtanga series. Didn’t do the full “class” today – I am still sore from my Ashtanga class I did yesterday.

Anyone else who have tried the Ashtanga Yoga app? I strongly recommend it – in case you don’t go to any Ashtanga class & if you have an iphone – it is definitely worth the $3. The only downfall is that you don’t have anyone correcting you.

Favorite Beach in the Whole Wide World – Lanikai

Favorite Yoga App in the Whole Wide World – Yoga