Day 1 out of 7 – My Yoga Challenge

So I made a minor change to my 7 day yoga challenge. Yesterday I went to do my Bikram yoga to get warmed up for my 7 day yoga challenge:) – however, I ended up leaving class – my feet got numb just after the 1st sequence of the half moon/backward bending & hands to feet pose…but I continued. After the standing head-to-knee-pose I totally lost focus – couldn’t’t find my balance in the standing bow pulling pose at all…., I had a hard time breathing and my legs where shaking. So I had to excuse myself & leave class – when I got home I googled a bit and saw that it could have been because I didn’t have enough oxygen in my legs – and I needed to drink some electrolytes.

So today – I decided to go to my other favorite yoga class instead of Bikram {as yesterday was a bit discouraging and this was my first time ever “giving up”} Ashtanga class with Yoko. Yoko is an amazing yoga teacher and I didn’t get the numb feet in today’s class. But tomorrow I will be going to the Bikram class again but first I will be drinking some electrolytes!

Happy Monday!