Rusting Myself Out of Pregnancy

I am still avoiding sugar! I have now gone 2 1/2 weeks without any sugar from candy, soda, cookies or any Starbucks/Coffee Bean cups. However, I still have cravings for sugar and I kept wondering why I am walking around craving sweets soo stronly. This craving of sugar has been worse than quitting smoking. So I went to my friend Google! And Google told me that it could be because I am breastfeeding, which totally makes sense. But I am still confused of why it has created a sugar craving in my system. At times I do allow myself an apple and I do eat Luna Bars – they are soo addicting as well (they do have 12 g of sugar – but I totally ignore the 12 g’s….- I still consider myself sugar free!)

During these past few days I have practiced some yoga as well. Even tough I still haven’t gotten to a full hour & a half of ashtanga at home I still have got to do the sun salutations on a daily basis. And it is amazing how the body has a “muscle” memory. The flexibility & muscles are quickly coming back. I still do have to work a lot on my arms tough. The chaturangas are a bit tough to go through even while just doing the sun salutations…my spaghetti arms are still yet too weak.

Today I dared myself to try the kapotasana (king pigeon pose). I have been afraid to try it thinking that I wouldn’t be able to bend myself this much but I did it! And it wasn’t as scary as I had envisioned myself it to be. Now I just need to fine tune it – like I feel that I need to do with all my poses – but I guess that is what happens when you rust yourself out of pregnancy.



A Better Day than Yesterday. Set the Bar.

Even though yesterday was a “me” day – I felt a little “down” & lonely. My hubby man had to go to Maui for a tennis tournament, and initially I thought I was going to enjoy the weekend myself but I ended up not enjoying it. Yesterday was a beautiful day but I didn’t feel it being beautiful. My friend gave me a advice a while back that if you feel down or lonely – don’t try to get rid of the feeling. Live in it and recognize the feeling. A interesting philosophy that she shared, so yesterday I tried my best to live in the feeling of being lonely and down. And it looks like I woke up on the right side today and I feel much better. I even went and got my favorite take-out and worked out at the gym for a bit mixing a functional training workout with some yoga moves.

Now I am off to the couch to watch some Sunday TV – even though I kind of stopped watching TV – at times I like to watch & see what happens in the world & get a reality check.

Today’s WTF Photo Challenge was to Set the Bar(re) – so I set my bar at the gym with a way off  “standing-head-to-knee” pose – I had to hold the camera at the same time:) Tomorrow it is reflection time.

#wtf photo challenge day 2 – set the bar(re)…


My backward bend