Nesting & Nesting…..when will it end.

Ever felt that you are on auto-pilot? Today I woke up on auto-pilot with cleaning, cleaning & cleaning. It was not really what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to be working in front of my computer on my little project but no – instead I have run around like a little cleaning chicken washing everything from my bathroom rug to the shower curtain to dusting the walls. And I am now finally in front of the computer with my swollen elephant feet still with the wandering mind of  “maybe I should get that vacuum too…..” The motherly nesting instinct is just amazing but it really does make you tired! Hopefully this nesting cleaning urge will continue on once the little man comes out as well but I hope that it won’t be as “auto-piloty” as it is now – cause that is a little freaky:)

Now I gotta go & get the vacuum to get those floors clean!


photo 4