Day 10 out of Infinity – Post-Yoga-CRASH-Syndrome & the Food Bar

I still haven’t got into the habit of waking up early – and I didn’t manage to do it fully during my 7 day challenge either. I am a night person who loves to get work done at night, so for me to wake up early doesn’t jive at times….but I enjoy mornings – it makes you feel that you get more things done.

So instead, I went to my Ashtanga class with Yoko. Afterwards I followed Britanni Lynn’s advice that she gave me for my previous post – of trying to replenish myself with energy, so that I don’t crash after the yoga class – the “post-yoga-CRASH-syndrome”. I went to the Food Bar at Whole Foods. It was soo good. I ate the whole thing – which probably wasn’t the best idea:)

Now I am feeling much better – but getting a little drowsy… So I think today’s food intake was not the magical recipe to keep myself off of taking my daily nap aka the post-yoga-crash-syndrome route. Tomorrow I will try something else.

Namaste to you on this Wednesday & now I am off to my daily nap:)!

The Whole Food Bar – Green Curry w/ Delicious Salad

Day 9 out of Infinity – Daily Naps & Discipline

I am lucky enough to be able to work from home. But at times it is difficult to find the discipline to get the work done – I rather go and do yoga:) For the past few weeks my mind have been in yoga rather than work. However, I do know that I need to get back to work again. I have been working but not as much as I should be working. I just need to learn to do my scheduling right & follow it, which is easier said than done.

One problem I got is that once I am finished with my yoga training, I get exhausted and this is both from doing Bikram & Ashtanga. The muscles in my body feel like they all get inflamed – which makes me super tired & I go for my daily nap. Once my nap is over I feel superb! But this process does take away a few hours of my day…This is something I really need to work on – otherwise I will need to make some changes in my priorities, which I don’t really want to make….

I am always open for suggestions!:)