Yoga Mantra of the Day: True Happiness

Today I decided to create a Yoga Mantra quote. Since I have a tendency to be a perfectionist – I created a quote that contradicts my personality. Nothing can be perfect, which is why I decided to create this mantra of the day.

I hope that you will enjoy it as well.

Yoga Mantra of the Day: Happiness is an inside job.

Since I am a graphic designer – I sometimes create inspirational quotes. If you have any inspirational quotes you would like me to create just comment those requests down and I might be able to design something inspirational from it. It is a part of my #karmagivingback project that I have created for myself.

I feel that it is important to give back – it doesn’t need to be anything material – as it also can be a service or an inspiration. Today’s yoga mantra is a quote that I really liked – which is something I have been working on for myself for the past few months as well. Finding happiness – but we all have to start by ourselves in order to share the happiness with others.