Day 2 – Being a Warrior

Today is my second day of the @growsoulbeautiful instagram challenge. And today we got to be warriors saluting the sky. Peanut is also joining in & standing strong in the belly. Saturday it is & I am looking forward spending the rest of my day with my hubby man who finally is off work. My work week this week went fairly well. I was not as disciplined as I wanted to be but I managed to kickstart my new project & maintaining a new month of my online business. Not too bad. Have to continue to stand strong & firm with myself to keep myself disciplined during this next coming week.

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend & I will see you tomorrow with my day 3 out of my #yogaposeaday challenge.

Standing strong as a Warrior One with Peanut!

Standing strong as a Warrior One with Peanut & I saluting the sky!

@GrowSoulBeautiful Instagram Challenge.

I tried to join the inversion army & failed. I also tried the @beachyogagirl challenge, which I also failed as most of the poses was a bit too stretchy for me as a pregnant yogi. However, this time I am prepared! Wihooo, I choose a challenge that I am able to manage together with little Peanut. And it already starts today, which is very exciting. Let’s see if I can pull it off this time.

For any of my yogi followers if you have Instagram please join me during this months challenge! My @instagram name is @theyogasoul – otherwise you can always keep up with me here on WordPress as well but I would love to follow you on instagram as well if you are an avid Instagramer.

Today’s pose is the childs pose (balasana), which I really enjoy. I actually enjoy doing this pose more than the savasana. I could lay in this pose all day if I could – for some reason this pose makes me feel real comfort.

Do you have any special pose that you feel comfort in?

Entered the @growsobeautiful challenge today by submitting my Childs Pose (balasana) - I could stay in this pose forever.

Entered the @growsoulbeautiful challenge today by submitting my Childs Pose (balasana) – I could stay in this pose for forever.