Day 2 out of 7 – The Juicy Juice Yoga Cup.

Since I started my health craze & yoga journey – for some reason my whole mental thinking changed. This unconscious mental change has not been because of any group pressure – I actually don’t communicate with anyone in my yoga class. It would have been fun to get to now other Yogi peers! For some reason it looks like most of the people in class like to be by themselves….maybe some day I will get to know some of the other yogis in class.

However, on a personal note I have become more healthier – my husband even bought us a juicer the other day. So I have now replaced my coffee cup & Starbucks Chai’s with my new healthy “juicy juice” as I call it. If you would have meet me by the beginning of this year – you would not have seen me with a “juicy juice” – all you would have seen is me puffing away with my coffee & cigarette!

Amazing how you can change your mental state & mind in a fairly short period of time.

The wisdow of today is to keep your mind strong – because if you go deep enough you can accomplish anything.

Namaste to You on this Beautiful Tuesday!