Artificial Indulgences….

This past week I fell off the bandwagon again. I even indulged in chocolate cakes, Starbucks (again….I know) & Pumpkin Crunches. It is not that I am indulging in pizza’s and cheese burgers all day long – but I slipped. I missed eating my daily salad bowl & drinking my morning lemon water. Today I was wondering of the whys of these frequent bandwagon slips. I realized that most of the time I slip/fall off my healthy bandwagon is when I get out of my daily regiment of chores & things I do. This past week has been a little out of the daily regiment, with a BBQ get together, Warrior Dash and so forth. I even started to indulge in a daily Snickers bar because I started getting crazy sugar cravings – {bad}.

So today I went by Whole Foods & got me some healthy yoghurt almond sweets together with some chia seeds for my breakfast tomorrow morning! I know the yoghurt almonds are also very sugar potent but I rather indulge in yoghurt almonds than in a artificial Snickers bar, or what do you think?

My chia seed breakfast of tomorrow {Organic apple sauce, chia seeds, cinnamon & vanilla - here I come!} Inspired by

My chia seed breakfast of tomorrow {Organic Milk, apple sauce, chia seeds, cinnamon & vanilla – here I come!} Inspired by

Yoghurt Covered Almonds...sooo good. Need to learn how to make those myself!

Yoghurt Covered Almonds…sooo good. Need to learn how to make those myself!

Day 11 out of Infinity – The Science of Craving

My life used to be all about craving – for 13 years and a few months I craved. At that time it was cigarettes. Once I kicked the habit & addiction of smoking – the craving continued. I thought I was going to be relieved. Now I got another problem – sweets, exercise & food. There is soo much sugar in everything we eat – even my favorite Starbucks Chai Tea Latte has calories that would cover a whole meal.

Since my quit smoking campaign I have gained 7 pounds – my quit smoking campaign/cold turkey have now been 2 months and 24 days.

I used to not like any of the above but now I crave all of the above.

Wonder if the craving ever will stop? If it is not craving for food it is craving for something else…need to figure out the science of craving as I now got the science of habit covered.


New Craving….also an expensive one….Starbucks Chai Tea Latte.

Day 10 out of Infinity – Post-Yoga-CRASH-Syndrome & the Food Bar

I still haven’t got into the habit of waking up early – and I didn’t manage to do it fully during my 7 day challenge either. I am a night person who loves to get work done at night, so for me to wake up early doesn’t jive at times….but I enjoy mornings – it makes you feel that you get more things done.

So instead, I went to my Ashtanga class with Yoko. Afterwards I followed Britanni Lynn’s advice that she gave me for my previous post – of trying to replenish myself with energy, so that I don’t crash after the yoga class – the “post-yoga-CRASH-syndrome”. I went to the Food Bar at Whole Foods. It was soo good. I ate the whole thing – which probably wasn’t the best idea:)

Now I am feeling much better – but getting a little drowsy… So I think today’s food intake was not the magical recipe to keep myself off of taking my daily nap aka the post-yoga-crash-syndrome route. Tomorrow I will try something else.

Namaste to you on this Wednesday & now I am off to my daily nap:)!

The Whole Food Bar – Green Curry w/ Delicious Salad