Side Tracking

I haven’t blogged for a while. Been a bit side tracked Instagram & I also found another craving of eating & photographing good healthy food. There are soo many things I love doing & my mind is on a frequent yoga creativity spark. I want to blame it all on Instagram. Such a fun medium & there is a really strong IG (Instagram) Yoga community of wonderful Yogis who inspire & cheer you up throughout your day! But I haven’t forgot to blog – so now I am back again.

Sharing a super simple recipe of one of my latest IG food posts in case you need a little new spark for your next lunch/snack indulgence:)

Crisp Bread w/ Pesto Basil Mixed Cottage Cheese & Vegetables.

Crisp Bread w/ Pesto Basil Mixed Cottage Cheese & Vegetables. Just add some Pesto to your next cottage cheese craving & it will spark up your taste buds like never before!


Feeding the Emptiness & Hunger

A few days ago I was asked by a friend to help her get back in shape. And I said yes & got very excited to get a chance to be a personal trainer/inspiration to get someone “kick-started”. Afterwards I started to think about the process of how I would get my friend back in shape. So the thoughts I have had about obesity & being overweight for the past few days is that it is an addiction. An addiction, which is the same as it is for a smoker, an alcoholic, a shopaholic etc. In this case it the addiction is to food – where we excessively indulge ourselves to feed the craving of emptiness & hunger.

The most interesting thing is that while I was walking around thinking about how I was going to approach this project that I correlated with smoking & addiction – I found an article in New York Times today that justified my philosophy of food being addictive.

I myself have to admit that my smoking addiction now has been replaced with Chai tea, chocolate & yoga. It might sound funny – but I am really struggling with avoiding the daily chocolate cravings I have – in the early phase of my quit smoking I actually had a ice-cream addiction as well – I would need 1 to 2 scoops of ice-cream every day. The ice-cream got replaced with chocolate, where I now eat 100g of milk chocolate every day. Good thing I exercise, because if I didn’t I would be adding on a lot of pounds. I am still in the midst of figuring out how to get rid of this chocolate craving that I have got & why I am having it.

It is both a mental & physical addiction. Once I figure out how to turn off these cravings I will be on the right path of helping my friend with succeeding with her get in shape challenge as well.

Keep your finger that I can find the magic formula for getting rid of my chocolate craving!

The best way for me to clear myself & my mind is to go and do some yoga.