A Week of Focus

For the past two weeks I have started creating mental strengthening challenges with myself. Last week was a week of working on my patience. This week I decided to work on my focus. I got this idea while I was going through half of my Bikram class two weeks ago. At times the mind start to wander in class, even though you don’t want it to wander. However, I believe in signs and messages. And since the idea stuck with me when I got out of class while I was driving home – I decided to implement it.

Last weeks work of patience was helpful – I didn’t get irritated in traffic, I patiently stood in line & most importantly I started to give myself patience in my yoga practice. I have been pushing myself very hard as I want to be super flexible, & yoga perfect – even though I started doing yoga in January.

This week I dedicated it to a week of focus. I tend to multi-task, juggle between tasks and get bored easily. I always walk around with a feeling that I didn’t put 150% of my energy into things – which has to do with my focus problem. If I would be able to focus on one task at a time – everything I do would be felt as it was complete. Walking around with having tasks that doesn’t feel complete can make it very heavy on the shoulders – and my massage therapist said that I need to relax my shoulders as they are very tense – and maybe the underlying reason could be that I don’t focus.

Lets see if my shoulders are less tense by the end of this week.