Ego + Yoga = Life Lessons

When I started doing yoga my ego was almost bigger than the classroom. It at times was difficult to get myself in through the door. I loved watching myself in the mirror (on the good days), when my body gave up on the ego & let me enjoy the postures with the right form but not with the right intention. At times I struggled & almost injured myself because I wanted to become better than my body allowed me to be. When I started to realize that it was not  my body who was straining myself but my ego – I slowly started making progress with my balance, breathing, mind & body.

If I didn’t get these ego “aha” moments I would probably have become injured and strained myself from yoga and maybe even lost the passion for this amazing life journey yoga has brought me.

At this point in my life I have still yet crossed a ego path of being pregnant and physically straining myself from being able to do some of my favorite asanas. I am physically not able to do the things that I used to be able to do and I am standing by a cross road of learning another life lesson of letting it go. I am in the midst of learning how to enjoy yoga with a more simple form – forming a deeper understanding of what the “simpler” version of yoga will do to deepen my connection with my body, mind & spirit.

So – to end this note of today “ego” I am now asking you to step out of my way.


Ego kindly step out of the way for my

Just me.