Even a Fallen Angel Won’t Resist Sugar

My quit-smoking app now says that I have gone 1 year & 2 months & 1 day since I last had my cigarette. I have also gone 11 months & 1 day since my last glass of wine (or I did have a few at that time). However, my indulgence in sugar & chocolate never ended…. During my pregnancy, I have had at least one chocolate bite or candy on a daily basis…. Until a week ago – where I decided I need to cut the sugar & chocolate out from my system. And I did!

So now I have gone 1 week and 1 day without eating sugar & chocolate. However, it has been very challenging cutting out the sugar & chocolate. It is actually much tougher than to quit smoking & drinking. Sugar is in everything & you can find it everywhere. Additionally, where do you stop? Do you stop at 9 gram of sugar, 15 gram, 20 gram….there is sugar in everything. And what about drinking orange juice?…

Today I have had ice-cream on my mind….and it has gone a week…. and I see this beautiful shiny box of ice-cream in my head. I can even taste the ice-cream. And I do have that beautiful box of ice-cream in the freezer…

I did read that if you crave sugar, it might be because you are dehydrated. But the water bottle has still not yet been enough for me… instead I went & made a cup of coffee for myself & added one teaspoon (4 gram) of sugar to it…is that allowed?

It’s all in the mind. I still have 13 days until the habit/craving is supposed to be gone until then I guess I will have try to mentally free myself from the screaming box of ice-cream…and also work on not having a cup of coffee for each time I got a box of ice-cream screaming my name….cause that is also addicting….

What to do with all these addictions….when will we ever be free?

Even the fallen angel didn't help my ice-cream craving...:)

Even the fallen angel didn’t help my ice-cream craving…:)


Artificial Indulgences….

This past week I fell off the bandwagon again. I even indulged in chocolate cakes, Starbucks (again….I know) & Pumpkin Crunches. It is not that I am indulging in pizza’s and cheese burgers all day long – but I slipped. I missed eating my daily salad bowl & drinking my morning lemon water. Today I was wondering of the whys of these frequent bandwagon slips. I realized that most of the time I slip/fall off my healthy bandwagon is when I get out of my daily regiment of chores & things I do. This past week has been a little out of the daily regiment, with a BBQ get together, Warrior Dash and so forth. I even started to indulge in a daily Snickers bar because I started getting crazy sugar cravings – {bad}.

So today I went by Whole Foods & got me some healthy yoghurt almond sweets together with some chia seeds for my breakfast tomorrow morning! I know the yoghurt almonds are also very sugar potent but I rather indulge in yoghurt almonds than in a artificial Snickers bar, or what do you think?

My chia seed breakfast of tomorrow {Organic apple sauce, chia seeds, cinnamon & vanilla - here I come!} Inspired by http://ohsheglows.com/

My chia seed breakfast of tomorrow {Organic Milk, apple sauce, chia seeds, cinnamon & vanilla – here I come!} Inspired by http://ohsheglows.com/

Yoghurt Covered Almonds...sooo good. Need to learn how to make those myself!

Yoghurt Covered Almonds…sooo good. Need to learn how to make those myself!

Day 6 out of 7 – Replacing the Habit

Now I am on to day 6 out of 7 in my yoga practice. It is not as hard as I thought. I really started to enjoy exercising….I actually think I got a bit of an addictive personality. After numerous counts of quit smoking tries last year – a friend of mine asked me what I did after I quit smoking. And I asked her what she meant. She meant that I needed to replace the smoking habit with something else.

So, for my hundredth try of quit smoking that happened just 3 months ago – I managed to find something to replace my nicotine addiction with…..exercise & yoga! At least I found a healthy choice of replacement. But now I also got another addiction – peanut butter….:)

My delicious peanut butter sandwich.

Just 3 seconds later….