Yoga – a Unconscious Lifestyle Change

The other day I went to my special eyebrow waxing specialist – {I know it sounds very luxurious – but this lady she is amazing in shaping eyebrows, and I go there every 4 to 5 months to get my eyebrows on track} – she asked me what I have been up to these past few months. And when I brought up my list of things that I have done – it felt like I was a total different person from who I had been on my last eyebrow treatment…and for each question she asked me it was a bit eye opening of what had happened. Here are the list of things that have changed from January this year to now for me:

  1. Went from being a chain smoker to a non-smoker and quit smoking {now I even dread the smell of smoke}
  2. Quit drinking {all I can drink is a glass of red wine occasionally – a few months ago I couldn’t even look at wine but could drink anything else}
  3. Started Bikram Yoga & Ashtanga Yoga – never done Bikram/or any kind of yoga in my life.
  4. Started Running & Exercising – I replaced my habit of smoking with exercising. I learned from a friend that you need to replace the habit – not just get rid of it – if you don’t replace it with something your habit will not change.
  5. New thinking – “Food is my Medicine” – in the beginning of this year all I would do is to drink coffee, have cigarettes and eat anything I liked. Now I look at the labels and check the nutrition to see if it is nutritious before I put it in my mouth.
  6. Quit drinking coffee – I had to get rid of the biggest trigger of them all – coffee – it was the first thing I had in the morning when I woke up – now I start my day with a glass of water instead.
  7. Going from negative to positive – I still have a long way to go but I started to analyze my mindset – every time I used to open my mouth – it was always something negative or critical coming out of me – now I am focusing on thinking positive rather than negative.

I guess this is the list of things that I changed throughout these past months – the one that I am most proud of is the cigarette habit. I still have a way to go with other things I am not happy with in my daily habitual lifestyle – but I believe that I ended the evil cycle of negativity, toxicity and drainage. And all of these habit changes have a lot to do with my start of doing yoga.

I guess the word for today is that I believe if yoga gets to the right soul – it could create a lifestyle change unconsciously {and for me it took about 6 months}.