Day 4 – Cocoon Hips.

Today I am butterflying out the pose that is set for the @growsobeautiful challenge. When I was younger I used to be able to do this pose easily but now I have got the tightest hips on the planet, which I need to work out before little Peanut comes out. So I guess I need to go back to the mat and work on those tight hips so that my little butterfly can fly out from it’s cocoon once we hit the end of the June mark!

Yesterdays Ashtanga workshop was very interesting. I didn’t know there where 6 series in the Ashtanga practice – and I am at the moment working on conquering the 1/2 half primary series. I won’t even want to think about the full series as that is another chapter I will open within the far future. We spent most of the class focusing on doing the correct breathing together with learning how to do Surya Namaskara A & B (sun salutations) properly.

Butterflying out Day 4 of the @growsobeautiful Instagram challenge.

My hips are currently in cocoon stage of the Butterfly pose:)

Practicing Sun Salutations but realized that my hands should be touching the ground in Ashtanga rather than the feet (I guess I was going for Ashtanga/Bikram style in this picture).

Practicing Sun Salutations but realized that my hands should be touching the ground in Ashtanga rather than the feet (I guess I was going for Ashtanga/Bikram style in this picture).

Day 3 – A Quick Cup of Yoga Latte with the Downward Dog.

This is probably one of my (favorite) poses of them all in terms of really feeling that the body is making improvements in all the limbs. This is not the pose of choice but it really works me every time I do it and the improvements happen in just minutes – a quick cup of yoga latte I would say for anyone who is wondering what this pose will do for you! Maybe the quick improvements is what makes me enjoy it soo much. We all want to improve & feel good about ourselves quickly/instantly. So for someone who need to stretch it all out after their workout, (especially a runner) I would end my run by stretching out my limbs by honoring the earth with the downward dog !

Are you enjoying your Superbowl Sunday? I myself is not a big fan of football – so instead I decided in the very last minute to join a 4 weeks series Ashtanga workshop at Open Space Yoga with my favorite &  the best Ashtanga instructors here on the island Yoko! So excited – I am so happy that I get to spend Superbowl Sunday with learning the ins & outs about Ashtanga rather than hearing a loud sportscaster on television!

Honoring the sky with the Downward Dog - a quick full-body-feel-good-stretch of the day!

Honoring the earth with the Downward Dog – a quick cup of yoga latte!

Ego + Yoga = Life Lessons

When I started doing yoga my ego was almost bigger than the classroom. It at times was difficult to get myself in through the door. I loved watching myself in the mirror (on the good days), when my body gave up on the ego & let me enjoy the postures with the right form but not with the right intention. At times I struggled & almost injured myself because I wanted to become better than my body allowed me to be. When I started to realize that it was not  my body who was straining myself but my ego – I slowly started making progress with my balance, breathing, mind & body.

If I didn’t get these ego “aha” moments I would probably have become injured and strained myself from yoga and maybe even lost the passion for this amazing life journey yoga has brought me.

At this point in my life I have still yet crossed a ego path of being pregnant and physically straining myself from being able to do some of my favorite asanas. I am physically not able to do the things that I used to be able to do and I am standing by a cross road of learning another life lesson of letting it go. I am in the midst of learning how to enjoy yoga with a more simple form – forming a deeper understanding of what the “simpler” version of yoga will do to deepen my connection with my body, mind & spirit.

So – to end this note of today “ego” I am now asking you to step out of my way.


Ego kindly step out of the way for my

Just me.

Day 16 out of Infinity – Busy Tuesday

Yesterday I didn’t go to my Ashtanga class because in the morning I got a last minute request for the company I am a partner in – to provide a potential vendor/client some video clips etc for a presentation. So when the heat gets around my feet – when I am overly blasted with work {also due to procrastination – which is another trait that I am working on} I move myself from my office to the kitchen table. It gives me more space and air to just throw things around just get things done.

In the evening my Japanese healer friend Noriko came over and she had prepared a homemade “Hawaii” pizza with pineapple, basil and ham, it was delicious! {I wish I had taken a picture of it for you} & she gave me a treatment of “cracks”. At times she cracks me to get all my ligaments & bones straight and it is awesome. Now I am not tense in my shoulders anymore & my back is not as tight.

Today will be a busy Tuesday as well – still have a long way to go to get the things off of my list. At times I wish we had more time on a day & energy so that we could do everything we would like to do – but I guess then we might not enjoy the little things we enjoy & love soo much, if we got to do it all the time – things like yoga!

Namaste to you on this busy Tuesday & keep your finger that the presentation will go well!

My little office space & where I get to see a little portion of Diamond Head through my window.

My kitchen table & busy as a bee.



Day 6 out of 7 – Replacing the Habit

Now I am on to day 6 out of 7 in my yoga practice. It is not as hard as I thought. I really started to enjoy exercising….I actually think I got a bit of an addictive personality. After numerous counts of quit smoking tries last year – a friend of mine asked me what I did after I quit smoking. And I asked her what she meant. She meant that I needed to replace the smoking habit with something else.

So, for my hundredth try of quit smoking that happened just 3 months ago – I managed to find something to replace my nicotine addiction with…..exercise & yoga! At least I found a healthy choice of replacement. But now I also got another addiction – peanut butter….:)

My delicious peanut butter sandwich.

Just 3 seconds later….

Day 3 out of 7 – Off to Bikram I go.

As I decided in the beginning of this week that I was going to do my very own 7 day Bikram Challenge – I am now on day 3 out of 7. I am now on my way to the Bikram class – it has been tough to wake up at 7am every morning….today I went up right to get to the 9am class as my alarm clock went off a bit late. Or I did the snoozing thing… Tomorrow I will be in time for the 7am class again.