Even a Fallen Angel Won’t Resist Sugar

My quit-smoking app now says that I have gone 1 year & 2 months & 1 day since I last had my cigarette. I have also gone 11 months & 1 day since my last glass of wine (or I did have a few at that time). However, my indulgence in sugar & chocolate never ended…. During my pregnancy, I have had at least one chocolate bite or candy on a daily basis…. Until a week ago – where I decided I need to cut the sugar & chocolate out from my system. And I did!

So now I have gone 1 week and 1 day without eating sugar & chocolate. However, it has been very challenging cutting out the sugar & chocolate. It is actually much tougher than to quit smoking & drinking. Sugar is in everything & you can find it everywhere. Additionally, where do you stop? Do you stop at 9 gram of sugar, 15 gram, 20 gram….there is sugar in everything. And what about drinking orange juice?…

Today I have had ice-cream on my mind….and it has gone a week…. and I see this beautiful shiny box of ice-cream in my head. I can even taste the ice-cream. And I do have that beautiful box of ice-cream in the freezer…

I did read that if you crave sugar, it might be because you are dehydrated. But the water bottle has still not yet been enough for me… instead I went & made a cup of coffee for myself & added one teaspoon (4 gram) of sugar to it…is that allowed?

It’s all in the mind. I still have 13 days until the habit/craving is supposed to be gone until then I guess I will have try to mentally free myself from the screaming box of ice-cream…and also work on not having a cup of coffee for each time I got a box of ice-cream screaming my name….cause that is also addicting….

What to do with all these addictions….when will we ever be free?

Even the fallen angel didn't help my ice-cream craving...:)

Even the fallen angel didn’t help my ice-cream craving…:)


The Yin/Yang Effects of Yoga

For the past few weeks I have noticed that if I am irritated or angry I get a craving to want to go and do yoga. I think yoga has become my psychologist. It has become a mental outlet for all my feelings. A very interesting aspect that I have noticed for these past two days is that my performance of yoga depends solely on how I am emotionally. You are probably thinking “duh – of course”……However, in my case what I mean is that if I am happy my yoga practice actually doesn’t come out as good as the happiness I have within. This past Sunday I went in to my yoga class feeling bursts of happiness. It was raining outside but I excitedly walked to my yoga practice enjoying the rain drops & the grey mugginess. When I started the practice everything was perfect until after around 15 minutes and everything started to become a struggle. For the remaining 75 minutes I felt like a slug. The happiness & joy that I had before walking in to the yoga room disappeared through my puddles of sweat.

However, today I went to my regular yoga practice feeling irritated & somewhat angry not noticing the beautiful sun & the fresh breeze of air coming through. I was walking with a cloud over my head with steady steps just wanting to go and do my yoga & to get the anger burst out of my chest!

The practice went excellent. I was still strong by the end of class and I felt like I could go on for forever. I walked out from the class with a smile on my face & finally noticing the sun and the fresh breeze of air!

It is amazing how there are two sides to a coin, to our feelings, to the weather & even to our yoga practice. I think I have now reached & come to understand the yin/yang effect of yoga and its power it has on us mentally & physically on both rainy & sunny days!

Yoga Photo Challenge #lululemon.

I just saw that Lululemon is doing the What the Focus (WTF – not super thrilled about their choosen name of the challenge…have to say it is a bit off…) Photo Challenge that is starting on September 1st. So I figured – why not – I should try to follow the challenge since I love to take pictures & yoga – so I am going to try to incorporate some sort of yoga symbolism/meaning into each daily picture I will take.

Wish me good luck & please let me know if there is anyone else who is doing the Lululemon Photo Challenge (WTF) as I would love to follow you as well!

Namaste to you on this Friday!

Daily Guideline Sheet.

Day 12 out of Infinity – Struggle & Arghh

Today I went to Bikram, it was a day of struggles & arghhs….

I got a new teacher today – and it felt like each pose was just a long drag & struggle. There where no pace in the class. I had a few arghh moments and initially blamed it on the teacher because I thought it went way to slow…but in the middle of class – I started to feel bad that I had sent all those stink-eyes to the teacher and started to smile & let it go.

Isn’t it amazing how we all tend to think negatively & blame everything or everyone else before it hits us that maybe it isn’t the world/their fault – but it is just the way you approach the situation. I should have enjoyed each pose as it will give me the strength to stay longer & really feel the pose….

So, I still have a long way to go with working on my positivity! I will keep it as Scarlett say in “Gone with the Wind” for today & start fresh by tomorrow – “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Happy #Aloha Friday to You All!

A NEW Yogi Blogger

I entered the yoga world not too long ago, so I am a yogi fresh off the boat. My girlfriend came to visit in the beginning of this year and she mentioned that she usually go and do Bikram yoga & just a few days after I had chatted with her there was this shinning Groupon e-mail screaming my name “Unlimited Hot Yoga – Bikram – $39.99 for your 1st  Month“. Of course I had to try it out. It was like someone had sent this Groupon thing from heaven:)

My first experience with the Bikram class was dreading but amazing at the same time. Throughout the class, sweat was pouring – and my mind kept telling me to just stop it and leave the room – but I decided to do the mattter over mind way that I have created {don’t let your mind control you – just do it!} – once the class finally was finished I came out and felt cleansed – both mentally & physically. The air, light and feeling that I had was amazing. From that day on – I became a yogi and took Bikram to my heart.

When I first started Bikram I was a smoker – and for each time I went to class I realized that I cannot detoxify myself through yoga and then go home and poison myself with cigarettes – throughout my now 6 months of being a yogi – I have managed to quit smoking, drinking and started to live a much healthier lifestyle. And I have to say that most of it is because of the passion I got for doing Bikram & yoga.

And all I can say is that I love it.


Yogi Rita

{now 2 months & 18 days smoke-free + $380 in savings}