12/12/12 Lululemon Yoga Day

In regards to the Google feed & news – today is supposed to be the end of the world…and in regards to my Facebook feed some of my friends are a little off when it comes to the Mayan prophecy & they believe the world is ending today….but we still yet have a few days to go until it ends – 9 days to be exact.

Do you believe in the ending of our world? Or do you think it was just a misinterpretation from the Mayans? I am not sure, the world didn’t end today and maybe will not end on the 21st either but maybe it is not a big-bang-theory ending. Maybe the ending of our world is something other than a big bang maybe we are just ending a era and starting a new. I don’t know – all we can do is speculate but still we will never know the future.

So to celebrate the unknown I am going to the 12/12/12 Lululemon All Day-Yoga-Love-Day – to celebrate my existence and passion for yoga:) Our local Lululemon store is giving out free yoga classes  at a variety of yoga studios in town in return for you to submit why you love yoga – and I wanted to go and check out the studio where I will have my teacher training at & of course share my bliss for yoga:)

Namaste to you on this beautiful 12/12/12 day.