The Yoga Spot of Invasion

Today I went to my favorite morning class at the Bikram Studio – the teacher Brent is great! He doesn’t have you stand in the poses for a minute and a half, but he does give you pointers & make you give each pose 110%. He is a tough instructor but still yet efficient and very knowledgeable about yoga & Bikram. He share the various techniques of how to get into the postures correct and the benefits of what we are trying to accomplish every time we got to class.

The funny thing is when I went to class today – every time since I started in January – I found this special spot in the yoga studio, which has become “mine”. It is actually by the 3rd window from the left, just by the window if you look at the below picture. When I get to class – if someone would have taken the spot, I get confused, and even a little anxious at times. I feel lost. It is soo weird, it is just a spot in a studio, which is not mine but for some reason I have taken ownership of that spot.

Today a lady had almost taken my spot, there was this very tight room left close to the window. At first I put my yoga mat next to her on the other side, but quickly moved it to “my” spot….but then I realized that I had invaded on her space. And apologized, but it looked like she didn’t mind, so I stayed.

Now when I think about it afterwards, I should probably start to get used to the studio a bit more and try different spots and just work on my “comfort” zone a bit…which will be my new Bikram Yoga project.

Do you have a favorite spot in your studio? Do you feel that someone invaded on your space, if your spot has been taken?

Feeling Delighted from my Sunday Yoga Class! Such a emotional & physical detox!

My "spot" is by the 3rd window from the left side....

My 7-Day Bikram Challenge – starting tomorrow…

So, now when I got my infinity membership I just decided that I will be having my very own 7 day Bikram Challenge that will be starting tomorrow. It is not that I have a problem with the actual 7 days but I am adding another important component to this challenge. I need to go to the 7am class…..I have a tendency to wake up way to late as I work from home.

So this coming week I will be bright and early up every morning and enjoy Bikram at 7am. Keep Your Fingers that I have the Mind to do this.



Bikram – Infinity here I come

Bikram – Infinity here I come! I have been in limbo for the past few weeks as I didn’t know what to do with my yoga training – you can’t have a gazillion memberships as that will cost an arm and a leg. And if you loose your arm and leg – there won’t be any yoga //:

At first I was thinking about switching studio as the current studio didn’t offer any discounts. The other studio I found had a summer special. But then the other studio didn’t offer Bikram – they had hot yoga but not Bikram yoga…..but they had Ashtanga yoga, which is my other favorite.

And then the miracle happened again – electronically as always. There it was this special shining e-mail offer that came from my Bikram studio “the Bikram Infinity membership” – who could resist this amazing offer? //:

I still have access to my fave Ashtanga yoga 3 times a week with my favorite teacher Yoko – and now I can go and do my Bikram any time I want for infinity – awesome now I get my weekly dose of Ashtanga and the detox of Bikram!

So excited. Now I am off to enjoy my infinity membership – class starts in a few.


A NEW Yogi Blogger

I entered the yoga world not too long ago, so I am a yogi fresh off the boat. My girlfriend came to visit in the beginning of this year and she mentioned that she usually go and do Bikram yoga & just a few days after I had chatted with her there was this shinning Groupon e-mail screaming my name “Unlimited Hot Yoga – Bikram – $39.99 for your 1st  Month“. Of course I had to try it out. It was like someone had sent this Groupon thing from heaven:)

My first experience with the Bikram class was dreading but amazing at the same time. Throughout the class, sweat was pouring – and my mind kept telling me to just stop it and leave the room – but I decided to do the mattter over mind way that I have created {don’t let your mind control you – just do it!} – once the class finally was finished I came out and felt cleansed – both mentally & physically. The air, light and feeling that I had was amazing. From that day on – I became a yogi and took Bikram to my heart.

When I first started Bikram I was a smoker – and for each time I went to class I realized that I cannot detoxify myself through yoga and then go home and poison myself with cigarettes – throughout my now 6 months of being a yogi – I have managed to quit smoking, drinking and started to live a much healthier lifestyle. And I have to say that most of it is because of the passion I got for doing Bikram & yoga.

And all I can say is that I love it.


Yogi Rita

{now 2 months & 18 days smoke-free + $380 in savings}