The Yoga Soul(s) is back.

I haven’t bloggid for a loong time. I think I get inspired to bloggi when I do yoga. My mind starts to think about all the ins & outs about both the world, my surroundings and myself. For the past weeks I have grown a lot & the heaviness have made me even dread taking a walk around Diamond Head – so my yoga practice have suffered. I converted my Ashtanga practice to a weekly prenatal practice. And have kept up with my instagram pictures but not as fully as I would have wanted to.

Now it is only 8 weeks left until Peanut is scheduled to arrive out of living his belly life. And yes, I am not sure if I mentioned but it is a little yogi boy in there. I think he is enjoying his belly life in there. I get to feel both his arms, legs & head move around on a daily basis. Even though he is in the belly I never imagined the love I have for this little bundle of joy.

Here is a update of the latest & greatest picture I took for my IG yoga account, which shows Peanut. And in a few days I am starting a prenatal yoga challenge for all mom’s-to-be who are on IG to join. And I decided since I haven’t bloggid for a long time – I will also add the challenge to this blog, which will show a daily prenatal yoga pose with some inspirational words & directions.

Namaste to you all & I look forward blogging again!

Latest Sand Island IG update of the growing belly – now we have hit the 32 week milestone.

12/12/12 Lululemon Yoga Day

In regards to the Google feed & news – today is supposed to be the end of the world…and in regards to my Facebook feed some of my friends are a little off when it comes to the Mayan prophecy & they believe the world is ending today….but we still yet have a few days to go until it ends – 9 days to be exact.

Do you believe in the ending of our world? Or do you think it was just a misinterpretation from the Mayans? I am not sure, the world didn’t end today and maybe will not end on the 21st either but maybe it is not a big-bang-theory ending. Maybe the ending of our world is something other than a big bang maybe we are just ending a era and starting a new. I don’t know – all we can do is speculate but still we will never know the future.

So to celebrate the unknown I am going to the 12/12/12 Lululemon All Day-Yoga-Love-Day – to celebrate my existence and passion for yoga:) Our local Lululemon store is giving out free yoga classes  at a variety of yoga studios in town in return for you to submit why you love yoga – and I wanted to go and check out the studio where I will have my teacher training at & of course share my bliss for yoga:)

Namaste to you on this beautiful 12/12/12 day.


Peaceful Vinyasa Treatment.

Since my last post I managed to take myself to two classes two days in a row (my blog discipline outreach worked:))! Yesterday I went to a peaceful Vinyasa yoga class with a new teacher at the gym. I am mostly used to practice Ashtanga & Bikram – and in the midst of the Vinyasa class it felt like I had sent myself to a spa treatment. It was a calm, peaceful class with great tranquility & ambiance. I thanked the teacher once the class was finished for the peace she shared for the 1 hour & 15 minutes. She mentioned that her method is to focus on the inner self than the outer as we already are too focused on our outer self both through fitness & in our every day life.

The whole class experience was not physically straining but instead mentally soothing & I felt refreshed when I walked out of the studio. Really enjoying the evening of the Hawaiian Christmas Chilled Air – everything felt rejuvenating, blissful & calm – even though I was sitting in a pre-Christmas traffic jam:)

So I have decided that from now on I am going to go to the Vinyasa Spa treatment yoga class once a week for some rejuvenation in between my Ashtanga & Bikram classes. I think everyone should have a Vinyasa yoga class at least once a week – a much cheaper gift than a spa treatment both for the mind & the soul.

And now when I am writing about it – I think I just found my Christmas gift that I am going to give to both my family & friends this year and for future years to come!


Instagram Yoga #InversionArmy Challenge…

So I have started to become a instagramer & I am soo impressed by all these super athletic individuals who are bending themselves forward/backward/sideways – just like rubber dolls. I have an easy way to bend backwards but a very hard way to bend forward and my balance is a bit off. But I decided to join the instagram #inversionarmy challenge…..but I only lasted 3 days…. My 4th day went out the window where I tried to touch my hands to the toes. Totally discouraged myself. So I figured I am just going to go back and focus on doing real yoga instead of trying to impress the super athletic instagramers with my non-bending-inversion-like moves until the day when I am not a beginner anymore, but by that day I might not find the interest in sharing my bending/inverting myself back/forward with the instagram world – instead I hope that I would find calmness & peace in some of the hard-to-do moves  that I am currently struggling with.

I guess I fell for the instagram hype but the hype didn’t fall for me:)

A failed attempt to try to touch my toes with one arm….


Instead I went back to do the moves I feel stillness & joy in doing 🙂

Becoming Self-Sufficient w/ a Mini-Herb Garden

I don’t have the magical hands that some people have with plants and flowers. I tend to either over-water or under-water the plants that I have had through life – and within just a few weeks they would die. However, ever since I started doing yoga – my patience, courage, focus & personality has changed. I guess I have grown up. Therefore, today I thought it was the right day to get started and see if I got those magical hands that my mother-in-law has. She is amazing with growing plants, flowers, vegetables – you name it. She even was able to grow she picked in Hawaii in her home in Sweden.

Being inspired by my mother-in-law, and wanting to become more self-sufficient and green – I went and got my own mini-herb garden to see if I got the touch. Let’s see for the next upcoming weeks if these plants are still staying green & growing!

I also researched a little about the health benefits I will get from my mini-herb garden once it starts growing and blooming:

Spearmint: Low in calories & contains zero cholesterol. Includes minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, iron & magnesium. Useful in healing digestive problems including nausea, flatulence and hiccups as it relaxes the stomach muscles.

Parsley: Healthy source of vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Serves as a anti-inflammatory agent within the body. Anti-cancer properties, studies has shown that Myristicin (organic compound found in the oil of parsley) inhibits tumor formation (especially in the lungs).

Oregano: Rich source of vitamin K. Includes anti-bacterial properties. High in iron, maganese & fiber. Is thought to be the most antioxidant dense nutrient of all foods.

Thyme: Powerful antioxidant. Used in treatment of acute & chronic bronchitis, sore throats, coughs, laryngitis & asthma. Useful as mouthwash to treat throat infections, prevent gingivitis & mouth inflammation. A memory booster & can help you concentrate more.

Cilantro: Reduce feelings of nausea. Anti-inflammatory capacities. Good source of iron, magnesium. Helpful in fighting anemia. Promotes healthy liver function. Has been shown to reduce menstrual cramping.

My mini garden features some Greek oregano, parsley, spearmint, cilantro & thyme!

(WTF)September Photo Challenge – Day 1 – The Centre

Today was a day just about me. A focus on myself. It is Saturday & this morning I woke up early & went to my Bikram class. Today’s class was better then yesterday. However, my body “tenses” up soo quickly – and it takes a little bit time for me to warm up.

After the Bikram class I went home and ate my favorite breakfast – lox bagel w/ creme cheese & capers:). Once breakfast was complete – I went into my Post-Yoga-CRASH-syndrome again and had a wonderful nap with lots of dreams.

By the end of the day I took a drive around the island to get my photo challenge picture of the day – it doesn’t really show the “centre” but it is a image of the beauty & calming feeling of a “centre” – the sunset. Once you sit and enjoy a sunset & it will take your mind and breath away!



Day 13 out of Infinity – A Little #Aloha

Figured I would share a little #Aloha with you. Just read on Facebook a post written by a friend from NY who lives in Hawaii who posted “In the wake of all the shootings lately, May I suggest we trade guns for surfboards, anger for aloha and Manhattan for Waikiki” – which I totally agree with.

However, we might not be able to fit all the New Yorkers in Hawaii but instead I figured I would share a little #Aloha spirit with you as I today took a power walk/run around my favorite place in the world – Diamond Head.

Namaste & Aloha to You on this Saturday!

Diamond Head – the best #run #walk in the world.

The Fruit of Joy & Sweetness #Pineapple

The Affection of Goods – the Palm Tree

#Aloe growing out in my little mini garden.