Bikram I’m back!

2 months & 17 days in from recovering & adjusting to mommy hood I get to visit the Bikram shala with my mat! What an experience! I had a feeling of gratitude through most of the practice. However, at times I really missed my little son since I never have been away from him before. I cannot imagine mama’s who have to work & leave their little blessings at home!! I am soo blessed to be able to stay home with my little spirit!

At first it was easy going through all the breathing & initial poses but after about 30 minutes I was ready to throw in the towel. My mind started feeling sorry for myself as I was still recovering from pregnancy I thought….at around 50 minutes of heat, sweat & yoga I finally started to really enjoy the practice. My feelings of gratitude & happiness came back! And the timing of waiting for more than 2 months felt perfect! I wouldn’t have enjoyed doing Bikram anytime sooner.


Yoga Teacher Training on Freeze.

You might have noticed. I haven’t updated anything about the yoga teacher training that I mentioned I wanted to take. I didn’t sign up. But I would love to become a yoga teacher. However, after much thought I think once I am ready with my pregnancy & once I have settled in with the life of being a mother I want to look into becoming a yoga teacher again. In that case I think I will become a Ashtanga teacher & use Ashtanga as my base rather than any other form of yoga.

The teacher training is a chapter I wanted to open but closed as I didn’t feel that the style of yoga that was taught was my cup of tea & I felt that I am more comfortable with Ashtanga then any other form of yoga. {Bikram I love for the amazing detox it gives – but I don’t feel challenged with just the 26 postures – I feel that I need more than 26 postures & heat}.

I did actually get pretty far with the yoga class that I wanted to attend & I even ordered the yoga books that was required, which are books that I will be going through anyways even though I won’t get the physical teaching & practice of becoming a yoga teacher.

Books that I ordered for my yoga teacher training – got some reading to do!

The Yin/Yang Effects of Yoga

For the past few weeks I have noticed that if I am irritated or angry I get a craving to want to go and do yoga. I think yoga has become my psychologist. It has become a mental outlet for all my feelings. A very interesting aspect that I have noticed for these past two days is that my performance of yoga depends solely on how I am emotionally. You are probably thinking “duh – of course”……However, in my case what I mean is that if I am happy my yoga practice actually doesn’t come out as good as the happiness I have within. This past Sunday I went in to my yoga class feeling bursts of happiness. It was raining outside but I excitedly walked to my yoga practice enjoying the rain drops & the grey mugginess. When I started the practice everything was perfect until after around 15 minutes and everything started to become a struggle. For the remaining 75 minutes I felt like a slug. The happiness & joy that I had before walking in to the yoga room disappeared through my puddles of sweat.

However, today I went to my regular yoga practice feeling irritated & somewhat angry not noticing the beautiful sun & the fresh breeze of air coming through. I was walking with a cloud over my head with steady steps just wanting to go and do my yoga & to get the anger burst out of my chest!

The practice went excellent. I was still strong by the end of class and I felt like I could go on for forever. I walked out from the class with a smile on my face & finally noticing the sun and the fresh breeze of air!

It is amazing how there are two sides to a coin, to our feelings, to the weather & even to our yoga practice. I think I have now reached & come to understand the yin/yang effect of yoga and its power it has on us mentally & physically on both rainy & sunny days!

The Yoga Spot of Invasion

Today I went to my favorite morning class at the Bikram Studio – the teacher Brent is great! He doesn’t have you stand in the poses for a minute and a half, but he does give you pointers & make you give each pose 110%. He is a tough instructor but still yet efficient and very knowledgeable about yoga & Bikram. He share the various techniques of how to get into the postures correct and the benefits of what we are trying to accomplish every time we got to class.

The funny thing is when I went to class today – every time since I started in January – I found this special spot in the yoga studio, which has become “mine”. It is actually by the 3rd window from the left, just by the window if you look at the below picture. When I get to class – if someone would have taken the spot, I get confused, and even a little anxious at times. I feel lost. It is soo weird, it is just a spot in a studio, which is not mine but for some reason I have taken ownership of that spot.

Today a lady had almost taken my spot, there was this very tight room left close to the window. At first I put my yoga mat next to her on the other side, but quickly moved it to “my” spot….but then I realized that I had invaded on her space. And apologized, but it looked like she didn’t mind, so I stayed.

Now when I think about it afterwards, I should probably start to get used to the studio a bit more and try different spots and just work on my “comfort” zone a bit…which will be my new Bikram Yoga project.

Do you have a favorite spot in your studio? Do you feel that someone invaded on your space, if your spot has been taken?

Feeling Delighted from my Sunday Yoga Class! Such a emotional & physical detox!

My "spot" is by the 3rd window from the left side....

A Better Day than Yesterday. Set the Bar.

Even though yesterday was a “me” day – I felt a little “down” & lonely. My hubby man had to go to Maui for a tennis tournament, and initially I thought I was going to enjoy the weekend myself but I ended up not enjoying it. Yesterday was a beautiful day but I didn’t feel it being beautiful. My friend gave me a advice a while back that if you feel down or lonely – don’t try to get rid of the feeling. Live in it and recognize the feeling. A interesting philosophy that she shared, so yesterday I tried my best to live in the feeling of being lonely and down. And it looks like I woke up on the right side today and I feel much better. I even went and got my favorite take-out and worked out at the gym for a bit mixing a functional training workout with some yoga moves.

Now I am off to the couch to watch some Sunday TV – even though I kind of stopped watching TV – at times I like to watch & see what happens in the world & get a reality check.

Today’s WTF Photo Challenge was to Set the Bar(re) – so I set my bar at the gym with a way off  “standing-head-to-knee” pose – I had to hold the camera at the same time:) Tomorrow it is reflection time.

#wtf photo challenge day 2 – set the bar(re)…


My backward bend

(WTF)September Photo Challenge – Day 1 – The Centre

Today was a day just about me. A focus on myself. It is Saturday & this morning I woke up early & went to my Bikram class. Today’s class was better then yesterday. However, my body “tenses” up soo quickly – and it takes a little bit time for me to warm up.

After the Bikram class I went home and ate my favorite breakfast – lox bagel w/ creme cheese & capers:). Once breakfast was complete – I went into my Post-Yoga-CRASH-syndrome again and had a wonderful nap with lots of dreams.

By the end of the day I took a drive around the island to get my photo challenge picture of the day – it doesn’t really show the “centre” but it is a image of the beauty & calming feeling of a “centre” – the sunset. Once you sit and enjoy a sunset & it will take your mind and breath away!



Day 14 out of Infinity – A Moment of Sunday Chai.

So, since I started having a #Chai tea craving – I decided to fix the solution of cost. I am now working on getting the most tastiest Chai tea to replace my Starbucks Chai tea addiction since it cost an arm and a leg to buy it.

On top of it – the other day I read from another blogger Lisa BeWell who is blogging about her food-stamp challenge that the average person who benefits from food stamps get about $4 of stamp per day – an average of $28 to $30 a week. Right when I read it I had just bought my Chai tea from Starbucks. I had just sipped up a person’s daily food supply in 30 minutes, which made me feel horrible.

So today – we actually got some rain on the little island of Oahu and I made some tea myself & it tasted delicious – almost the same as Starbucks. Plus my Bikram practice today was excellent – I do believe that the practice have a lot to do with the teacher you have – and today the teacher and the tea was excellent!

A Moment of #Chai.

Had to share – Yoko taught me the right form in the head stand the other day – so now I got my head stand going!! It’s all about the bandha.

Day 12 out of Infinity – Struggle & Arghh

Today I went to Bikram, it was a day of struggles & arghhs….

I got a new teacher today – and it felt like each pose was just a long drag & struggle. There where no pace in the class. I had a few arghh moments and initially blamed it on the teacher because I thought it went way to slow…but in the middle of class – I started to feel bad that I had sent all those stink-eyes to the teacher and started to smile & let it go.

Isn’t it amazing how we all tend to think negatively & blame everything or everyone else before it hits us that maybe it isn’t the world/their fault – but it is just the way you approach the situation. I should have enjoyed each pose as it will give me the strength to stay longer & really feel the pose….

So, I still have a long way to go with working on my positivity! I will keep it as Scarlett say in “Gone with the Wind” for today & start fresh by tomorrow – “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Happy #Aloha Friday to You All!

Day 7 out of 7 – Bikram Sunday

Today is the last day of my 7 day Yoga Challenge – however, I am thinking about continuing it to see how long I can last for. So I guess I am making a unofficial Yoga Challenge with a “infinity” count of days:). I will be mixing Bikram with Ashtanga together with my own yoga workout that I do from home – at home I do a mixture of Ashtanga & Bikram but without the heat.

Throughout this week – my technique has gotten a little bit better. I wish that my Bikram class would help me with the technique as my Ashtanga class does. I love Bikram but sometimes I know that my technique is off – and I would have loved to have someone show me the right way, which would help me both with improving my form and also help preventing any injuries – other than that I love it!

Tomorrow it will be Ashtanga class with Yoko again – to get my technique back. But my standing bow pose has totally got better – but only on one side…I will show you my two leg differences during this upcoming week.

Now I am going to enjoy my Sunday Brunch Swedish pancakes I just made.

Namaste to you on this beautiful Sunday!

On my way to yoga class!

This is the studio I go to – Bikram Yoga Studio in  (Kaimuki) Honolulu, Hawaii.

Day 4 out of 7 – Mind on Overload.

Head to Knee Pose. On my first day I couldn’t touch my feet – Now I can!

In my previous post I mentioned that anything can be accomplished if you just put your mind to it, which I totally believe in!

However, at times I have a tendency to freeze. I think the freezing happens when I want to accomplish something too much or when I am overloaded.

I am a bit of a perfectionist – which is the reason for why I choose to start myself with just a 7 day yoga challenge. I didn’t want to overload myself and not be able to maintain my goal. I think we all make mistakes by overloading ourselves. However, a dream I just got not too long ago is to one day, {some day} – be able to wake up and do yoga in front of my husband sleeping in the morning like the Equinox trailer {what at talent she is & what a beautifully filmed trailer}. I want to be able to do the headstand perfectly when doing Ashtanga series without having to put my feet against the wall for support.

But I still need to remember that I do have a long way to go – and not to overload myself and still yet enjoy the progress I am making for each day I go to my yoga class. Maybe one day I will be able to wake up in the morning and do the yoga sequence like the woman in the Equinox video {when the time is right}.

All I need to remember is to stop putting my mind on overload..



Day 3 out of 7 – Off to Bikram I go.

As I decided in the beginning of this week that I was going to do my very own 7 day Bikram Challenge – I am now on day 3 out of 7. I am now on my way to the Bikram class – it has been tough to wake up at 7am every morning….today I went up right to get to the 9am class as my alarm clock went off a bit late. Or I did the snoozing thing… Tomorrow I will be in time for the 7am class again.


Day 1 out of 7 – My Yoga Challenge

So I made a minor change to my 7 day yoga challenge. Yesterday I went to do my Bikram yoga to get warmed up for my 7 day yoga challenge:) – however, I ended up leaving class – my feet got numb just after the 1st sequence of the half moon/backward bending & hands to feet pose…but I continued. After the standing head-to-knee-pose I totally lost focus – couldn’t’t find my balance in the standing bow pulling pose at all…., I had a hard time breathing and my legs where shaking. So I had to excuse myself & leave class – when I got home I googled a bit and saw that it could have been because I didn’t have enough oxygen in my legs – and I needed to drink some electrolytes.

So today – I decided to go to my other favorite yoga class instead of Bikram {as yesterday was a bit discouraging and this was my first time ever “giving up”} Ashtanga class with Yoko. Yoko is an amazing yoga teacher and I didn’t get the numb feet in today’s class. But tomorrow I will be going to the Bikram class again but first I will be drinking some electrolytes!

Happy Monday!



Bikram – Infinity here I come

Bikram – Infinity here I come! I have been in limbo for the past few weeks as I didn’t know what to do with my yoga training – you can’t have a gazillion memberships as that will cost an arm and a leg. And if you loose your arm and leg – there won’t be any yoga //:

At first I was thinking about switching studio as the current studio didn’t offer any discounts. The other studio I found had a summer special. But then the other studio didn’t offer Bikram – they had hot yoga but not Bikram yoga…..but they had Ashtanga yoga, which is my other favorite.

And then the miracle happened again – electronically as always. There it was this special shining e-mail offer that came from my Bikram studio “the Bikram Infinity membership” – who could resist this amazing offer? //:

I still have access to my fave Ashtanga yoga 3 times a week with my favorite teacher Yoko – and now I can go and do my Bikram any time I want for infinity – awesome now I get my weekly dose of Ashtanga and the detox of Bikram!

So excited. Now I am off to enjoy my infinity membership – class starts in a few.