A New Journey of Mysore.

For the past 2 weeks I have had the urge to blog again. The urge has been felt while I have been on my yoga mat. I took the BIG leap of getting myself to my very FIRST Mysore class two weeks ago. It was such an amazing experience to find the discipline & courage to do my very own practice. 2.5 years of yoga have now made me ready to go deeper within, to breathe without an external voice & to crave to practice all by myself.

I feel that I am on a new journey in my yoga practice both physically, mentally & outside of the mat. The sudden urge to blog is probably because I want to verbalize my new journey of a more disciplined yoga journey with an outside world.

Let this new journey begin.


Upside down with Fuzziness

Ok…I guess I have been a little lucky with my baby. He doesn’t cry much and is not generally fuzzy. But the past 3 days have been really challenging in the evenings where he has been overtired and not wanting to sleep. And we are now back to him being my right little hip. Won’t let me out of his sight so I had to go upside down for a bit to release myself from all the fuzziness.

I hope that tonight will be a better night since it cannot get worse right?


Yoga Teacher Training on Freeze.

You might have noticed. I haven’t updated anything about the yoga teacher training that I mentioned I wanted to take. I didn’t sign up. But I would love to become a yoga teacher. However, after much thought I think once I am ready with my pregnancy & once I have settled in with the life of being a mother I want to look into becoming a yoga teacher again. In that case I think I will become a Ashtanga teacher & use Ashtanga as my base rather than any other form of yoga.

The teacher training is a chapter I wanted to open but closed as I didn’t feel that the style of yoga that was taught was my cup of tea & I felt that I am more comfortable with Ashtanga then any other form of yoga. {Bikram I love for the amazing detox it gives – but I don’t feel challenged with just the 26 postures – I feel that I need more than 26 postures & heat}.

I did actually get pretty far with the yoga class that I wanted to attend & I even ordered the yoga books that was required, which are books that I will be going through anyways even though I won’t get the physical teaching & practice of becoming a yoga teacher.

Books that I ordered for my yoga teacher training – got some reading to do!

Day 9 through Day 12 – Ashtanga Red Bull Energy.

So I have been a little quiet with blogging for the past few days. I have been active on Instagram posting my daily yoga challenge pictures for this month, which has been a lot of fun. And I did do Ashtanga as I mentioned in my Friday post & I loved it! I even went on a Ashtanga Basic Fundamentals class this weekend, which is very interesting and helpful as the teacher Yoko shows you how to do each pose with the right form, technique & breathing. Below is an update of the poses that I missed posting for day 10 and 11. I will share the 12th day with you tomorrow together with the new daily pose for day 13.

Now I am off to go & continue my office work, paper work, preparing taxes and other fun stuff….got new energy from my Ashtanga practice & seminar this weekend – it is almost like I had a Ashtanga version of Red Bull Energy from all the practice I got this past weekend!

My pregnant version of the Supta Baddha Konasana pose. You can see Peanut peaking out a little bit.

My pregnant version of the Supta Baddha Konasana pose. You can see Peanut peaking out a little bit.


The Utkatasana – Chair pose.

Day 8 – Ashtanga Friday.

Today it’s beautiful Aloha Friday! And I am going to go & see if I still can last through my favorite Ashtanga class with Yoko. I went to another yoga class in the beginning of this week and didn’t enjoy it at all. Being pregnant I do not enjoy spending too much time doing core moves & I don’t enjoy the belly hanging too much for some reason – in the last class my belly looked like a cone and I got the regular worry that something was wrong with my belly & Peanut {might be a common hypochondria symptom of pregnant women bearing their first child}. So when I was done with class I was done with the teacher….never looking back to that yoga class during my pregnancy. So keep your finger that I still have the energy & ability to continue with doing Ashtanga instead. Some women are able to go through the class throughout their pregnancy & some don’t. Let’s see in what category I will fall into.

Saturday update to come about my Ashtanga progress.

Loving the burn you get from the Chaturanga Dandasana!

Loving the burn you get from the Chaturanga Dandasana in your shoulders during the Sun Salutations in Ashtanga!


    Todays @growsoulbeautiful move is the Easy Pose {Sukhasana}.

Todays @growsoulbeautiful move is the Easy Pose {Sukhasana}.


Home Playfullness vs. Yoga Studio Class…..

Today I got a yoga class on my schedule to attend! Today I am going to be firm with my yoga class attendance decision. I have tried to get myself to class for a few days…..instead I do the Ashtanga Yoga app at home with Mr. Michael Gannon. Michael is great in teaching the Ashtanga sequence over the iphone app but for some reason when it starts to get tough & when the shoulders start to burn – Michael doesn’t make me stay with him… I suddenly start to feel everything soo much more. The voice of Mr. Gannon slowly disappears in the clouds of thoughts, to-dos & playfullness of testing my instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills that I don’t have:)

Therefore, today is THE day of me walking myself to class to regain my discipline for my yoga practice as I definitely need to keep up with my yoga practice before I start the teacher training in the beginning of next year!

Hooah as they say in the military – yoga here I come!

This is what happens while I do my at home yoga practice....the instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills starts to take over....

This is what happens while I do my at home yoga practice….the instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills starts to take over….

Instagram Yoga #InversionArmy Challenge…

So I have started to become a instagramer & I am soo impressed by all these super athletic individuals who are bending themselves forward/backward/sideways – just like rubber dolls. I have an easy way to bend backwards but a very hard way to bend forward and my balance is a bit off. But I decided to join the instagram #inversionarmy challenge…..but I only lasted 3 days…. My 4th day went out the window where I tried to touch my hands to the toes. Totally discouraged myself. So I figured I am just going to go back and focus on doing real yoga instead of trying to impress the super athletic instagramers with my non-bending-inversion-like moves until the day when I am not a beginner anymore, but by that day I might not find the interest in sharing my bending/inverting myself back/forward with the instagram world – instead I hope that I would find calmness & peace in some of the hard-to-do moves  that I am currently struggling with.

I guess I fell for the instagram hype but the hype didn’t fall for me:)

A failed attempt to try to touch my toes with one arm….


Instead I went back to do the moves I feel stillness & joy in doing 🙂

Surya Namaskara Sunday.

Today was a calm & peaceful Sunday where I finally was able to get my hubby man to join me in my yoga practice. Out of all people I know – my hubby man is the one that needs yoga the most – he is as flexible as a refrigerator:) We did the Surya Namaskara Sun Salutations A & B. I haven’t been able to go to my Ashtanga class for the past few weeks – so it was nice to get back into the groove & I really enjoyed doing it with my man. I hope that he one day will find the tiniest interest in yoga as I have found in his tennis:) & would love to do a few sun salutations together with him on a daily basis when we go out for our walks.

My hubby man doing the Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

Upward Facing Dog – Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Doing the Bridge Pose with one leg up (Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana) – but I still don’t manage to do it with the leg straight yet – one day – patience..

The Yin/Yang Effects of Yoga

For the past few weeks I have noticed that if I am irritated or angry I get a craving to want to go and do yoga. I think yoga has become my psychologist. It has become a mental outlet for all my feelings. A very interesting aspect that I have noticed for these past two days is that my performance of yoga depends solely on how I am emotionally. You are probably thinking “duh – of course”……However, in my case what I mean is that if I am happy my yoga practice actually doesn’t come out as good as the happiness I have within. This past Sunday I went in to my yoga class feeling bursts of happiness. It was raining outside but I excitedly walked to my yoga practice enjoying the rain drops & the grey mugginess. When I started the practice everything was perfect until after around 15 minutes and everything started to become a struggle. For the remaining 75 minutes I felt like a slug. The happiness & joy that I had before walking in to the yoga room disappeared through my puddles of sweat.

However, today I went to my regular yoga practice feeling irritated & somewhat angry not noticing the beautiful sun & the fresh breeze of air coming through. I was walking with a cloud over my head with steady steps just wanting to go and do my yoga & to get the anger burst out of my chest!

The practice went excellent. I was still strong by the end of class and I felt like I could go on for forever. I walked out from the class with a smile on my face & finally noticing the sun and the fresh breeze of air!

It is amazing how there are two sides to a coin, to our feelings, to the weather & even to our yoga practice. I think I have now reached & come to understand the yin/yang effect of yoga and its power it has on us mentally & physically on both rainy & sunny days!

Running & Savasana

Today I went running/power walking – I beat my record with a few minutes but I still have a long way to go. I have never been a runner but I always admired people who are running around the park, or at the gym. It looks so relieving but I myself never got the energy, endurance or patience to go for a run. I don’t last for very long. But I decided to break my running “bubble” and have been going for power walks/running about once a week for the past 1.5 months. I really enjoy it – and try to break the bubble each time and encourage my legs to keep on going & not to stop.

After my run I stopped by at the park and did some sun salutations from my iphone app with Mr. Michael Gannon – my favorite pose ended up being the savasana – as I got pretty tired from my power walk/running route and I almost zzzz-ed out:)

A Little Quietness

So I have been a little quiet from my blog for a week – I got thrown off of the photo challenge with Lululemon – it was a bit challenging to match the chosen words they had for their challenge with finding something that would resemble or fit the daily word. But other than that I have spent most of my time working. I still have found the time to do yoga. I even purchased a $3 app to my iphone, which is great!

The app is actually really good – Michael Gannon who is the voice for the workout gives you a few pointers that I didn’t hear before….what I do is that I put my speaker phones on, dig my phone into my running hip bag and play my app. I went to my favorite place Lanikai today and before I enjoyed the day at the beach I followed Mr. Michael Gannon halfway through the Ashtanga series. Didn’t do the full “class” today – I am still sore from my Ashtanga class I did yesterday.

Anyone else who have tried the Ashtanga Yoga app? I strongly recommend it – in case you don’t go to any Ashtanga class & if you have an iphone – it is definitely worth the $3. The only downfall is that you don’t have anyone correcting you.

Favorite Beach in the Whole Wide World – Lanikai

Favorite Yoga App in the Whole Wide World – Yoga

Day 14 out of Infinity – A Moment of Sunday Chai.

So, since I started having a #Chai tea craving – I decided to fix the solution of cost. I am now working on getting the most tastiest Chai tea to replace my Starbucks Chai tea addiction since it cost an arm and a leg to buy it.

On top of it – the other day I read from another blogger Lisa BeWell who is blogging about her food-stamp challenge that the average person who benefits from food stamps get about $4 of stamp per day – an average of $28 to $30 a week. Right when I read it I had just bought my Chai tea from Starbucks. I had just sipped up a person’s daily food supply in 30 minutes, which made me feel horrible.

So today – we actually got some rain on the little island of Oahu and I made some tea myself & it tasted delicious – almost the same as Starbucks. Plus my Bikram practice today was excellent – I do believe that the practice have a lot to do with the teacher you have – and today the teacher and the tea was excellent!

A Moment of #Chai.

Had to share – Yoko taught me the right form in the head stand the other day – so now I got my head stand going!! It’s all about the bandha.

Day 10 out of Infinity – Post-Yoga-CRASH-Syndrome & the Food Bar

I still haven’t got into the habit of waking up early – and I didn’t manage to do it fully during my 7 day challenge either. I am a night person who loves to get work done at night, so for me to wake up early doesn’t jive at times….but I enjoy mornings – it makes you feel that you get more things done.

So instead, I went to my Ashtanga class with Yoko. Afterwards I followed Britanni Lynn’s advice that she gave me for my previous post – of trying to replenish myself with energy, so that I don’t crash after the yoga class – the “post-yoga-CRASH-syndrome”. I went to the Food Bar at Whole Foods. It was soo good. I ate the whole thing – which probably wasn’t the best idea:)

Now I am feeling much better – but getting a little drowsy… So I think today’s food intake was not the magical recipe to keep myself off of taking my daily nap aka the post-yoga-crash-syndrome route. Tomorrow I will try something else.

Namaste to you on this Wednesday & now I am off to my daily nap:)!

The Whole Food Bar – Green Curry w/ Delicious Salad

Day 1 out of 7 – My Yoga Challenge

So I made a minor change to my 7 day yoga challenge. Yesterday I went to do my Bikram yoga to get warmed up for my 7 day yoga challenge:) – however, I ended up leaving class – my feet got numb just after the 1st sequence of the half moon/backward bending & hands to feet pose…but I continued. After the standing head-to-knee-pose I totally lost focus – couldn’t’t find my balance in the standing bow pulling pose at all…., I had a hard time breathing and my legs where shaking. So I had to excuse myself & leave class – when I got home I googled a bit and saw that it could have been because I didn’t have enough oxygen in my legs – and I needed to drink some electrolytes.

So today – I decided to go to my other favorite yoga class instead of Bikram {as yesterday was a bit discouraging and this was my first time ever “giving up”} Ashtanga class with Yoko. Yoko is an amazing yoga teacher and I didn’t get the numb feet in today’s class. But tomorrow I will be going to the Bikram class again but first I will be drinking some electrolytes!

Happy Monday!



Bikram – Infinity here I come

Bikram – Infinity here I come! I have been in limbo for the past few weeks as I didn’t know what to do with my yoga training – you can’t have a gazillion memberships as that will cost an arm and a leg. And if you loose your arm and leg – there won’t be any yoga //:

At first I was thinking about switching studio as the current studio didn’t offer any discounts. The other studio I found had a summer special. But then the other studio didn’t offer Bikram – they had hot yoga but not Bikram yoga…..but they had Ashtanga yoga, which is my other favorite.

And then the miracle happened again – electronically as always. There it was this special shining e-mail offer that came from my Bikram studio “the Bikram Infinity membership” – who could resist this amazing offer? //:

I still have access to my fave Ashtanga yoga 3 times a week with my favorite teacher Yoko – and now I can go and do my Bikram any time I want for infinity – awesome now I get my weekly dose of Ashtanga and the detox of Bikram!

So excited. Now I am off to enjoy my infinity membership – class starts in a few.