Yoga Mantra of the Day: Yoga is the Journey.

Today is my karma giving back day – where I designed a yoga mantra about yoga found in the Bhagavad Gita. If I had a yoga studio I would probably put this one on my wall:) I always have a tendency to love my designs in the beginning and after a few days I go back and think I could do something better – I guess I am a perfectionist when it comes to my graphic design skills.

I hope that you will be enjoying your day & that you think about the below mantra when you practice yoga next time & that you are patient in your journey of finding yourself. Enjoy.



Medicine Against a Worried Mind.

Everywhere I go I hear worries – in the news, from my mother-in-law, on Facebook, at the gym & in my own mind. The other day I was wondering if the human mind always have had this worried mind? Or is it something we have generated in our modern society? I admit – I worry myself too but ever since I started to do my yoga practice & stopped watching the news…. my mind has slowly but surely started to become less worried.

A few months ago I went & had a massage – the therapist who was a healer told me that I had a worried mind & body – her advice was that I needed to let go of all the worries otherwise I could get sick. She told me to go out and run it off – and I did! The running worked together with my continued yoga practice & non-interest in the news. Today I am less worried.

Off course at times the worry hits me but not as severely as it did before. If I start to feel anxious & worried I turn of the TV, take my running shoes off for a run & end my run in the park with some sun salutations. These are my own 3 simple steps that doesn’t include any pills or remedies in calming myself from a worried mind.



Instagram Yoga #InversionArmy Challenge…

So I have started to become a instagramer & I am soo impressed by all these super athletic individuals who are bending themselves forward/backward/sideways – just like rubber dolls. I have an easy way to bend backwards but a very hard way to bend forward and my balance is a bit off. But I decided to join the instagram #inversionarmy challenge…..but I only lasted 3 days…. My 4th day went out the window where I tried to touch my hands to the toes. Totally discouraged myself. So I figured I am just going to go back and focus on doing real yoga instead of trying to impress the super athletic instagramers with my non-bending-inversion-like moves until the day when I am not a beginner anymore, but by that day I might not find the interest in sharing my bending/inverting myself back/forward with the instagram world – instead I hope that I would find calmness & peace in some of the hard-to-do moves  that I am currently struggling with.

I guess I fell for the instagram hype but the hype didn’t fall for me:)

A failed attempt to try to touch my toes with one arm….


Instead I went back to do the moves I feel stillness & joy in doing 🙂

Surya Namaskara Sunday.

Today was a calm & peaceful Sunday where I finally was able to get my hubby man to join me in my yoga practice. Out of all people I know – my hubby man is the one that needs yoga the most – he is as flexible as a refrigerator:) We did the Surya Namaskara Sun Salutations A & B. I haven’t been able to go to my Ashtanga class for the past few weeks – so it was nice to get back into the groove & I really enjoyed doing it with my man. I hope that he one day will find the tiniest interest in yoga as I have found in his tennis:) & would love to do a few sun salutations together with him on a daily basis when we go out for our walks.

My hubby man doing the Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

Upward Facing Dog – Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Doing the Bridge Pose with one leg up (Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana) – but I still don’t manage to do it with the leg straight yet – one day – patience..

(WTF)September Photo Challenge – Day 1 – The Centre

Today was a day just about me. A focus on myself. It is Saturday & this morning I woke up early & went to my Bikram class. Today’s class was better then yesterday. However, my body “tenses” up soo quickly – and it takes a little bit time for me to warm up.

After the Bikram class I went home and ate my favorite breakfast – lox bagel w/ creme cheese & capers:). Once breakfast was complete – I went into my Post-Yoga-CRASH-syndrome again and had a wonderful nap with lots of dreams.

By the end of the day I took a drive around the island to get my photo challenge picture of the day – it doesn’t really show the “centre” but it is a image of the beauty & calming feeling of a “centre” – the sunset. Once you sit and enjoy a sunset & it will take your mind and breath away!



Day 13 out of Infinity – A Little #Aloha

Figured I would share a little #Aloha with you. Just read on Facebook a post written by a friend from NY who lives in Hawaii who posted “In the wake of all the shootings lately, May I suggest we trade guns for surfboards, anger for aloha and Manhattan for Waikiki” – which I totally agree with.

However, we might not be able to fit all the New Yorkers in Hawaii but instead I figured I would share a little #Aloha spirit with you as I today took a power walk/run around my favorite place in the world – Diamond Head.

Namaste & Aloha to You on this Saturday!

Diamond Head – the best #run #walk in the world.

The Fruit of Joy & Sweetness #Pineapple

The Affection of Goods – the Palm Tree

#Aloe growing out in my little mini garden.