Magical Openings

Something magical have happened with my yoga practice for the past 2 weeks! I have only practiced 3 times during this time & haven’t been practicing consistently for over a months time, still yet my body has opened up to a new level. I call it magic. This magic makes me wonder whether there is a correlation between the body/mind & spirit not only in the physical aspect of yoga but also the mental. I’m wondering if my mental openness & acceptance of myself has aided in opening up my hips, strengthening my core & deepened my breathing. There is a saying that we store our emotions in our hips…..& I really have started to wonder if that could be true.

Just to give you an insight. Here are some magical changes that have occurred in my yoga practice for the past 2 weeks:

– got balance in my handstand to stay inverted for 10 seconds +
– finding my fingers in the pretzel asana as I call it, which is the Marichyasana D pose in Ashtanga. Got to feel my fingers yesterday & what an enlightening feeling I had! This has never ever happened before.
– tortoise pose!!! I can now stretch my legs in kurmasana & this pose feels really good! It feels like you are in your own little den in there. Never enjoyed it before even though my Ashtanga teacher always mentioned that it will give you a relaxing feeling….for me it used to be one of the dreading ones.

So my take-away today is that things are possible to anyone! With patience, practice & acceptance – your body will eventually allow you to deepen & open up your inner & physical self. But it will come to you when you least expect it.

Below is a progress picture of my handstand. 3 months ago I was swinging & cheating myself with twisting my feet around a tree branch. Now I’m able to hold still in a handstand without the help of the tree. It’s an amazing feeling finding a inverted balance!

Psst…..I used to never in my life be able to handstand without a wall before. This is the first time I get to defy gravity for real.


6 thoughts on “Magical Openings

  1. This is a lovely post. Its so true I practice yoga everyday but then I took some time off I came back and I was finding myself stronger and more open than ever. Magic!

    I completely believe you hold emotion in your hips too!

    I’m working on balancing in my handstand, this post has motivated and inspired me šŸ™‚

  2. Wow it is magical, indeed! I have been thinking about attending yoga classes however, I am worried about my back pain. They say that practicing yoga would make you find your balance and also relieve or correct your spinal problems? Thank you for posting this.

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