Release Your Inner Child with a Pretzel Asana

You might have noticed, I have been quiet for some time. Haven’t really had anything philosophical on my mind that I have been wanting to write about. On top of it – I haven’t yogad as frequently as I have been wanting to. However, during this week I got to both have play time with my beautiful friend Elaina (@elainapalmer), who was visiting the island. I got to know her from Instagram & we went out on a yoga excursion. It was soo much fun! Two mamas doing asanas & upside down poses in the sand with a baby patiently playing with his rice crackers.

To be honest, ever since I started taking my selfie yoga shots with Instagram, my inner youth has appeared again. I don’t feel embarrassed to be upside down taking pictures on the beach by myself or doing pretzel asanas in the grass while trying to press the remote control button. It’s a lot of fun! Instagram has unleashed my inner childhood & I think it is beautiful! We all need to just relax & let go & be children – no matter what age we are.

So I guess today’s inspiration is to let go of your inner child & just play! Whether it is by being upside down in the sand or by skateboarding yourself around the neighborhood. Let go & be free cause life is too short to be all adult-like all day long.


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