On a Yoga Mat Mission

So I have come to realize that I need a new yoga mat…..I currently have a Gaiam mat but my hands always slide when they get a little sweaty – especially when I am standing in downward dog. It mainly happens when I breathe myself through my 5 breaths in Ashtanga. The sweatiness & the sliding have started to irritate me like a little fly who keeps swirling around you when you are in your biggest moment of not wanting to be disturbed…..so I think I am a little overdue in needing a new mat. The eco-friendly & conservative me says that I should wait & the splurging materialistic & realistic person in me says that I need a new mat NOW. Just that the good yoga mats are expensive….so I have to put my yoga pants splurging on hold for a bit.

I have heard about the Jade mat & also looked at the Lululemon mat….but as what it looks like right now I am leaning towards the Jade mat. Any of my yogi/ini friends who have any suggestions to any other yoga mat brands?


5 thoughts on “On a Yoga Mat Mission

  1. I’m facing the same problem…. I currently use a mat I bought for very little money at the Sivananda Centre in London and it lasted over five years. Now thinking of buying the Manduka eco lite or a Jade mat. Would love to hear which mat you decide to get!

    • Will definitely let you know once I make my final decision. I’m really leaning toward the Jade one. My friend let me check out her Jade mat & it is soo solid! The lululemon one looks neat but for some reason it makes me think I might really end up despising it cause it looks really slippery. I havent checked out a Manduka mat – need to feel that one too!

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