From a Cold to Tastelessness

So ever since my hot yoga spree I made this past weekend I have suffered from a terrible cold. As of now I’m in the last phase of the congestion/mucus mode & it is Thursday… hot yoga was this past Saturday. So doing hot yoga while being sick is not recommended as it can really take a tool on your body.

While I’m in this last phase of recovery I lost my tastebuds & smell function…..I haven’t tasted or smelled anything since Monday. I made some delicious looking chocolate chip cookies the other day & some nice looking cranberry/walnut bread that has entered the pathway to my belly but without any flavors attached to it.

And just by calling my super amazingly smart friend Noriko, she made the point that I might be vitamin deficient….which is why I don’t have my smell or taste buds working. Duh… I’m now having my husband run to the store for my long lost prenatal pills I haven’t been eating.

Psst…..I do have to admit though….I try to avoid my everything to have to eat supplements as I like to find all the nutrients through clean eating but I guess at this point in society we will have to rely on supplemental food & nutrition whether we like it or not – even if we juice & smoothie up our mornings with organic & healthy foods like I have done for the past year or so….


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