Hormonal Moodiness

Today was a day that I just wanted to wake up tomorrow. I think my postnatal hormones are still playing tricks on me. It would never dawn on me before my pregnancy (& yoga) that my mood fluctuations was hormonal changes that the body went through. I never had this connection with my body before.

Now after the pregnancy almost 8 months ago with the combination of yoga & eating clean – I can totally feel if the hormones are playing tricks in my body. The moodiness, skin changes & overall body feels different. But I have found that the best & only curable solution for my hormonal days is to just put my workout shoes on or to grab my mat & exercise. There is no pill in the world that can make your mind, body & hormones feel better then some exercise. And if the weather allows give your body & lungs the treat of doing your workout outside. The best happy pill that exists.


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