Working on the Flaws

So I have written about this topic once before. But today was the first time I really felt the difference between my left versus right side. Just for the past few weeks my body has opened up a lot more. I haven’t done more yoga but I had two one-on-one Ashtanga practice session with a great teacher who showed me how to align myself properly. She pinpointed my flaws & showed me how to correct them.

Additionally, I took a few hip opening classes at home as I know I need to open up my hips a lot more. So working on my flaws have really helped & improved my practice dramatically for just a few weeks.

Today I went & did the primary series class – and it went really good on my right side but not on my left side… for the next week I’m going to mainly focus on my left side since that is where I tend to hide all my tension.

Let’s see how my left versus right side progress will go. It is much easier said than done. Progress update to be continued…


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