On a Yoga Mat Mission

So I have come to realize that I need a new yoga mat…..I currently have a Gaiam mat but my hands always slide when they get a little sweaty – especially when I am standing in downward dog. It mainly happens when I breathe myself through my 5 breaths in Ashtanga. The sweatiness & the sliding have started to irritate me like a little fly who keeps swirling around you when you are in your biggest moment of not wanting to be disturbed…..so I think I am a little overdue in needing a new mat. The eco-friendly & conservative me says that I should wait & the splurging materialistic & realistic person in me says that I need a new mat NOW. Just that the good yoga mats are expensive….so I have to put my yoga pants splurging on hold for a bit.

I have heard about the Jade mat & also looked at the Lululemon mat….but as what it looks like right now I am leaning towards the Jade mat. Any of my yogi/ini friends who have any suggestions to any other yoga mat brands?


Yoga Quote of the Day – Where There is Love There is Light.

I don’t remember the last time I put together a design. It was at least 8 months ago….however, I think I finally am back behind the computer screen designing away. So today I got inspired by the one & the only Mahatma Gandhi, whose quote always warm my heart.


From a Cold to Tastelessness

So ever since my hot yoga spree I made this past weekend I have suffered from a terrible cold. As of now I’m in the last phase of the congestion/mucus mode & it is Thursday…..my hot yoga was this past Saturday. So doing hot yoga while being sick is not recommended as it can really take a tool on your body.

While I’m in this last phase of recovery I lost my tastebuds & smell function…..I haven’t tasted or smelled anything since Monday. I made some delicious looking chocolate chip cookies the other day & some nice looking cranberry/walnut bread that has entered the pathway to my belly but without any flavors attached to it.

And just by calling my super amazingly smart friend Noriko, she made the point that I might be vitamin deficient….which is why I don’t have my smell or taste buds working. Duh…..off I’m now having my husband run to the store for my long lost prenatal pills I haven’t been eating.

Psst…..I do have to admit though….I try to avoid my everything to have to eat supplements as I like to find all the nutrients through clean eating but I guess at this point in society we will have to rely on supplemental food & nutrition whether we like it or not – even if we juice & smoothie up our mornings with organic & healthy foods like I have done for the past year or so….


An Internal Battle

There is an internal battle in my body & I cannot in the world figure out what is causing it. My body is now back in inflammation mode.

This past weekend I thought I was allergic from the vog so I took myself
& my mat & did a little Bikram yoga….but I shouldn’t have done that. I ended up with a real cold. And my body is still in recovery mode from it….on top off the cold my body put itself in inflammation mode again.

I have been drinking a bit too much ginger, which has thinned out my blood a little too much. So I’m trying to find other natural remedies to heal inflammation.

Any recommendations are more than welcome!


A Valentines of Deeper Self Acceptance

So it’s Valentines day tomorrow & it is a day of love. I noticed a few people talking about how we should love ourselves before we can give love to each other, which is soo true. The tips is to take care of yourself, meditate & rejuvenate.

One thought I had in all of this loving yourself is that sometimes it can be difficult. I find myself being my worst critic. When I used to smoke cigarettes I had days where I couldn’t look myself in the eyes in the mirror because I despised my skin, hair & overall well-being. However, after finding yoga & taking my journeys to the hot yoga studio, I started being more content with myself. Additionally, the pregnancy really made me love myself. My hair, skin & baby bump made me feel beautiful.

Today I have days of ups & downs on whether I love myself. Postnatal changes are the main reason but I think the deeper idea with loving yourself is not really about the meditation & fluff (as I call it) but more whether you accept the person you see in the mirror. Do you feel that the person you look at in the mirror assemble the person of how you feel who you are? Does those eyes approve of your inner & outer self? Do you feel that you are taking care of this person in the mirror like the way you are taking care of your mother, father, friends & dearly close ones?


Hormonal Moodiness

Today was a day that I just wanted to wake up tomorrow. I think my postnatal hormones are still playing tricks on me. It would never dawn on me before my pregnancy (& yoga) that my mood fluctuations was hormonal changes that the body went through. I never had this connection with my body before.

Now after the pregnancy almost 8 months ago with the combination of yoga & eating clean – I can totally feel if the hormones are playing tricks in my body. The moodiness, skin changes & overall body feels different. But I have found that the best & only curable solution for my hormonal days is to just put my workout shoes on or to grab my mat & exercise. There is no pill in the world that can make your mind, body & hormones feel better then some exercise. And if the weather allows give your body & lungs the treat of doing your workout outside. The best happy pill that exists.


Working on the Flaws

So I have written about this topic once before. But today was the first time I really felt the difference between my left versus right side. Just for the past few weeks my body has opened up a lot more. I haven’t done more yoga but I had two one-on-one Ashtanga practice session with a great teacher who showed me how to align myself properly. She pinpointed my flaws & showed me how to correct them.

Additionally, I took a few hip opening classes at home as I know I need to open up my hips a lot more. So working on my flaws have really helped & improved my practice dramatically for just a few weeks.

Today I went & did the primary series class – and it went really good on my right side but not on my left side…..so for the next week I’m going to mainly focus on my left side since that is where I tend to hide all my tension.

Let’s see how my left versus right side progress will go. It is much easier said than done. Progress update to be continued…


Sips of Coffee with Yoga

For the past two weeks I have started to find discipline in doing yoga at home. It has gone really well! And I have gone through each streamed class without a stop. But…..(of course there is a but to this story)… in order for me to get started with my yoga class I need to drink a little coffee.

I’m not sure why I really need to sip that super tasty coffee. But it really feels good to have had a few sips of coffee with lots of sugar before I place my feet on the mat & flow away in front of yogaglo.

A very strange new habit I have created. Isn’t it amazing how we create new habits when we least want them…