Loosing Our Bandha

Yesterday my little man & I was playing in the yoga/play room. He was crawling & pulling himself up on anything he could grab on to. I was playing around him with my yoga moves doing peekaboos through my asanas. In between the peekaboos I was trying to find some hang time in my handstands against Mr. Wall.

While we where both playing I realized that we where both on the same learning curve. My 7 1/2 month doing all he can to find his balance whereas I myself is working on finding my balance that I lost during the 9 months of pregnancy.

It amazed me that us mamas loose our core/bandhas during pregnancy and actually end up on the same level as our babies (if you are a yogini like myself – you will think that you lost it all!) It fascinated me that we have to start from scratch just like our babies.


4 thoughts on “Loosing Our Bandha

    • Haha me too! I didn’t have the handstand balance in the first place prior to the pregnancy but the balance that was lost during the pregnancy was more than I had prior..

  1. You’ll get there again! The reason why little babies progress so quickly is no expectations and no fear! 😉 Easier said than done, for me anyway! 🙂

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