Finding Obedience in Some Blueberry Scones

Lately I really have been wanting to bake. I have had this crazy urge to just become a baker. Believe me – I have never been successful in baking! Everything turns out flat, hard & in the garbage disposal.

A few weeks ago I realized in order to succeed in baking, you need to follow the instructions to the penny… No wonder I haven’t been able to succeed baking anything because I really despise following instructions. Every time someone is telling me what to do I turn into a teenager, I turn my head & feet & walk the other way.

Analyzing myself over this behavior & having this crazy urge for baking – I decided it is time to grow up & learn how to follow instructions. So my self-discipline, coaching, yogi-improving self have decided to start learning how to follow instructions through the simple method of baking. Once I am able to conquer this task without cringing I shall have learned to master obedience in following & adapting to what other people instruct me to do.

….so my first baking project & urge this morning was to master how to make some blueberry/cream cheese filled scones. And look it! They came out delicious! 1-1 to mastering following the recipe this morning! However, I have to admit, I did have some moments where I didn’t want to follow the recipe and just wanted to pour in more sugar, butter & cream because it didn’t feel right… the cringes & twitches where there but I managed to follow through.


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