A Pulpy Day.

Just a few days ago my in-laws left from having spent a month living in our little tiki hut. It’s nice to have visitors but it is really nice to have your daily routine & lifestyle back to normal even if it is family who are visiting. After spent 2 days of cleaning & rearranging the house back to my own comfort, I finally got to get creative in my kitchen. I am now back to my morning juicing ritual & decided to try to make some juice pulp infused burgers served with a tzatziki inspired potato salad.

I’m going to be really creative with the juice pulp starting from yesterday! I feel horrible each time I throw away all the pulp in the garbage knowing that it’s real food that doesn’t need to be spoiled. So next project will most likely be some baking. I’m thinking maybe some orange pulp infused poundcake.

And yes – the flavor & taste was really good! Much better than I had envisioned it to taste! Definitely a keeper in my recipe library!


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