A Bugged Perspective

A while ago I used to consciously work on an emotional trait that I wanted to enhance. During this past week the feeling of needing to work on my perspective/viewpoints from a different angle has really “bugged” my mind.

Therefore, I decided to follow my intuitive instinct & consciously work on viewing my daily habits, viewpoints & input from a different angle. The perspective work has been slightly challenging as I have noticed that I love the comfort I feel & have of most of my habits, viewpoints & thoughts. I like the control I believe I have in those traits as well.

It is a work in progress like everything else but I have started slowly. I even decided to change my morning walk to the opposite route. The reason for the route change is because it lets me see the road, walkway & the actual walk from a new perspective. It’s like taking a picture! If you angel the camera a different way the angle/view will show the object from a different viewpoint.

And sometimes….the view is better on the other side.


2 thoughts on “A Bugged Perspective

    • Nurulbd999 – I totally agree with you! The past few walks have helped me view other aspect of my life & relationships differently. Has been a new way of therapy for me other than yoga.

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