A epiphany.

Just a few days ago I finished reading the book “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. A book that helped opening up my mind to be more conscious about myself. Once finished I went & purchased the book “A New Earth” by the same author. And I’m finding myself extending my night readings past midnight. Such an intriguing & philosophical book! I’m only at 21% but already feeling anxious about it ending too fast.

As I’m reading through the pages I get this epiphany feeling while reading about the ego. I believe that we have a mind, body & soul connection. However, of course nutrition, exercise & general external aspects of our environment trigger our health & well being. That we know through research, facts & data. But we don’t have the real facts of whether/how the mind & soul part of our consciousness plays tricks on our physical health…. So while reading – my epiphany lit up that it is our ego that is the source of our mind & soul connection. The more we realize, accept & understand our ego – the easier it will become to create a healthy well being through the mind, body & soul connection.


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