Tick, tock….

I’m now sitting at Starbucks. Tick, tock, tick…..tock. I have now been at Starbucks for (almost) 3 days in a row – trying to get myself a hang of “working” again. From being away for about 7 months from designing, working & tweeking away on my computer – it feels really weird. Yesterday I was supposed to go and “work” & let my in-laws play with the baby. I instead let the gas pedal drive myself to the beach to shot my Instagram yoga pictures – which totally went down the drain….there where no joy in my yoga picture shoot. None of the pictures had any spark….so instead I took myself the my favorite store in the  whole wide world – Whole Foods. The once glowy & inspirational food store felt like a gloomy, regular grocery store with no sparkles….walking through the isles I finally managed to find some peanut/coconut butter spread & pita chips. The only craved comfort food I could find while all I could do was to think about how much I missed my little one.

Chewing away on some dried-out peanut/coconut butter spread & pita chips didn’t make it feel better – tick, tock & tick, tock – finally the time felt right to take this gloomy mama back to her baby.

What a feeling to get to hold your little baby soul! The gloominess disappeared instantly!


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