How to Live a Yogic Lifestyle.

Just read that someone had found my blog by searching “how to live a yogic lifestyle”.

When I read that search word I figured I would write about how to live life through yoga & how it can turn into a lifestyle.

I personally think that the yogic lifestyle is not really something you can create. It is something that slowly builds from coming from the outside to within. You originally might have started a yoga class & got hooked for the physical benefit but slowly it becomes not only a physical practice but also makes you want to live, eat & behave more peacefully.

Once your body & mind slowly have found the taste for yoga you will notice that your attachments, feelings & emotions to both yourself & others will have changed. Your eating habits will have become more healthy. You accept yourself & others more. And on top of it all – you will feel a physical difference on the mat from one day to the other. You will notice your breath, heaviness & emotions on a total different level while you breathe & move yourself on your mat.

You will start to respect your body, mind & self much more than you ever will have done before.


Tick, tock….

I’m now sitting at Starbucks. Tick, tock, tick…..tock. I have now been at Starbucks for (almost) 3 days in a row – trying to get myself a hang of “working” again. From being away for about 7 months from designing, working & tweeking away on my computer – it feels really weird. Yesterday I was supposed to go and “work” & let my in-laws play with the baby. I instead let the gas pedal drive myself to the beach to shot my Instagram yoga pictures – which totally went down the drain….there where no joy in my yoga picture shoot. None of the pictures had any spark….so instead I took myself the my favorite store in the  whole wide world – Whole Foods. The once glowy & inspirational food store felt like a gloomy, regular grocery store with no sparkles….walking through the isles I finally managed to find some peanut/coconut butter spread & pita chips. The only craved comfort food I could find while all I could do was to think about how much I missed my little one.

Chewing away on some dried-out peanut/coconut butter spread & pita chips didn’t make it feel better – tick, tock & tick, tock – finally the time felt right to take this gloomy mama back to her baby.

What a feeling to get to hold your little baby soul! The gloominess disappeared instantly!