Loosing Our Bandha

Yesterday my little man & I was playing in the yoga/play room. He was crawling & pulling himself up on anything he could grab on to. I was playing around him with my yoga moves doing peekaboos through my asanas. In between the peekaboos I was trying to find some hang time in my handstands against Mr. Wall.

While we where both playing I realized that we where both on the same learning curve. My 7 1/2 month doing all he can to find his balance whereas I myself is working on finding my balance that I lost during the 9 months of pregnancy.

It amazed me that us mamas loose our core/bandhas during pregnancy and actually end up on the same level as our babies (if you are a yogini like myself – you will think that you lost it all!) It fascinated me that we have to start from scratch just like our babies.


Finding Obedience in Some Blueberry Scones

Lately I really have been wanting to bake. I have had this crazy urge to just become a baker. Believe me – I have never been successful in baking! Everything turns out flat, hard & in the garbage disposal.

A few weeks ago I realized in order to succeed in baking, you need to follow the instructions to the penny… No wonder I haven’t been able to succeed baking anything because I really despise following instructions. Every time someone is telling me what to do I turn into a teenager, I turn my head & feet & walk the other way.

Analyzing myself over this behavior & having this crazy urge for baking – I decided it is time to grow up & learn how to follow instructions. So my self-discipline, coaching, yogi-improving self have decided to start learning how to follow instructions through the simple method of baking. Once I am able to conquer this task without cringing I shall have learned to master obedience in following & adapting to what other people instruct me to do.

….so my first baking project & urge this morning was to master how to make some blueberry/cream cheese filled scones. And look it! They came out delicious! 1-1 to mastering following the recipe this morning! However, I have to admit, I did have some moments where I didn’t want to follow the recipe and just wanted to pour in more sugar, butter & cream because it didn’t feel right… the cringes & twitches where there but I managed to follow through.



Isn’t it amazing how we need comfort? Some people find comfort in food, some find comfort in always wearing a blanket while sleeping, some people find comfort in shopping….most of us have found comfort in our iPhone…..believe me! You are probably thinking that you aren’t tied to your phone….but leave it away for an hour or two & you will most likely find your anxiety level rise unusually. (To some people the comfort has turned into an addiction but that is another story.)

The other day I watched a documentary about Dalai Lama & they showed how the Buddhist monks spend hours & dedication in creating & working on a piece of art. However once the piece of art was assembled they went & destroyed it. The reasoning is that they want to discourage themselves from comfort.

Here I’m laying in my bed with my blanket wrapped around me, wearing my favorite pajamas & chewing away on some real tasty Swedish licorice – scribbling my blog post on my iPhone. All in the comfort of some cozy lights & a cuddly baby laying right next to me. All doing the opposite of what the Buddhist monk is working on conquering. (Except for my baby) – I do know that I need to work on my comfort. Lowering my need of having comfort around me. The less ties we got to anything external the easier it is to live life to the fullest.


A Pulpy Day.

Just a few days ago my in-laws left from having spent a month living in our little tiki hut. It’s nice to have visitors but it is really nice to have your daily routine & lifestyle back to normal even if it is family who are visiting. After spent 2 days of cleaning & rearranging the house back to my own comfort, I finally got to get creative in my kitchen. I am now back to my morning juicing ritual & decided to try to make some juice pulp infused burgers served with a tzatziki inspired potato salad.

I’m going to be really creative with the juice pulp starting from yesterday! I feel horrible each time I throw away all the pulp in the garbage knowing that it’s real food that doesn’t need to be spoiled. So next project will most likely be some baking. I’m thinking maybe some orange pulp infused poundcake.

And yes – the flavor & taste was really good! Much better than I had envisioned it to taste! Definitely a keeper in my recipe library!


A Bugged Perspective

A while ago I used to consciously work on an emotional trait that I wanted to enhance. During this past week the feeling of needing to work on my perspective/viewpoints from a different angle has really “bugged” my mind.

Therefore, I decided to follow my intuitive instinct & consciously work on viewing my daily habits, viewpoints & input from a different angle. The perspective work has been slightly challenging as I have noticed that I love the comfort I feel & have of most of my habits, viewpoints & thoughts. I like the control I believe I have in those traits as well.

It is a work in progress like everything else but I have started slowly. I even decided to change my morning walk to the opposite route. The reason for the route change is because it lets me see the road, walkway & the actual walk from a new perspective. It’s like taking a picture! If you angel the camera a different way the angle/view will show the object from a different viewpoint.

And sometimes….the view is better on the other side.


A epiphany.

Just a few days ago I finished reading the book “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. A book that helped opening up my mind to be more conscious about myself. Once finished I went & purchased the book “A New Earth” by the same author. And I’m finding myself extending my night readings past midnight. Such an intriguing & philosophical book! I’m only at 21% but already feeling anxious about it ending too fast.

As I’m reading through the pages I get this epiphany feeling while reading about the ego. I believe that we have a mind, body & soul connection. However, of course nutrition, exercise & general external aspects of our environment trigger our health & well being. That we know through research, facts & data. But we don’t have the real facts of whether/how the mind & soul part of our consciousness plays tricks on our physical health…. So while reading – my epiphany lit up that it is our ego that is the source of our mind & soul connection. The more we realize, accept & understand our ego – the easier it will become to create a healthy well being through the mind, body & soul connection.


How to Live a Yogic Lifestyle.

Just read that someone had found my blog by searching “how to live a yogic lifestyle”.

When I read that search word I figured I would write about how to live life through yoga & how it can turn into a lifestyle.

I personally think that the yogic lifestyle is not really something you can create. It is something that slowly builds from coming from the outside to within. You originally might have started a yoga class & got hooked for the physical benefit but slowly it becomes not only a physical practice but also makes you want to live, eat & behave more peacefully.

Once your body & mind slowly have found the taste for yoga you will notice that your attachments, feelings & emotions to both yourself & others will have changed. Your eating habits will have become more healthy. You accept yourself & others more. And on top of it all – you will feel a physical difference on the mat from one day to the other. You will notice your breath, heaviness & emotions on a total different level while you breathe & move yourself on your mat.

You will start to respect your body, mind & self much more than you ever will have done before.


Tick, tock….

I’m now sitting at Starbucks. Tick, tock, tick…..tock. I have now been at Starbucks for (almost) 3 days in a row – trying to get myself a hang of “working” again. From being away for about 7 months from designing, working & tweeking away on my computer – it feels really weird. Yesterday I was supposed to go and “work” & let my in-laws play with the baby. I instead let the gas pedal drive myself to the beach to shot my Instagram yoga pictures – which totally went down the drain….there where no joy in my yoga picture shoot. None of the pictures had any spark….so instead I took myself the my favorite store in the  whole wide world – Whole Foods. The once glowy & inspirational food store felt like a gloomy, regular grocery store with no sparkles….walking through the isles I finally managed to find some peanut/coconut butter spread & pita chips. The only craved comfort food I could find while all I could do was to think about how much I missed my little one.

Chewing away on some dried-out peanut/coconut butter spread & pita chips didn’t make it feel better – tick, tock & tick, tock – finally the time felt right to take this gloomy mama back to her baby.

What a feeling to get to hold your little baby soul! The gloominess disappeared instantly!