Today I went to a new Power Vinyasa class. It was one hour of a decent workout. I loved the teacher, she reminded me about myself. Her aura , personality & appearance vibrated gratefulness, zen & calmness. And in most of her vocabulary she used the word beautiful – which I tend to use a lot as well… maybe the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. Sometimes when I meet people I notice that they cannot relate to my word beautiful. At times I thought maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s my Swenglish vocabulary that isn’t broad enough since most of my feelings, experiences & moments relate to the word beautiful. And I question myself, is it really beautiful?

So finding a like minded person, who also happens to be a yoga teacher who sees everything to be beautiful was a beautiful experience in today’s practice!

I hope you will have a beautiful day just like I had.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful

    • Aww thank you Brittany! And I totally agree with you. I love this blog & my Instagram. To connect & get feedback & validation from like minded souls can sometimes be very comforting & needed! Sending you lots of love & light!

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