Let Go vs. Let Be

There is a lot of talk of how we need to let go. However, from reading the book Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and from working towards living in a now, on top of working on adjusting to share my 6 month old baby with my in-laws. I feel that the let go process doesn’t work. Eckhart Tolle & my close healer friend says to accept your feelings & to stay with them. When you do that you don’t let go instead you let it be. So my new focus is not to let go of any of my anxieties, worries or problems. If I do I’m forcing the current feeling to a state that I’m not ready for yet meaning that I’m not living in the now. Instead I’m going to let myself be & live in the feeling of what I am feeling otherwise I’m not being in the now & forcing myself out of my current state of mind.


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