Finding bandha in the yoga pants…

So as a yogini I am always in the works of freeing myself from anything materialistic, addictive & tempting. But I have to admit that it is much easier said than done. I got myself away from ciggarettes & alcohol but I am still in the struggles with another addiction of craves that I got… pants!

Who wouldn’t be able to resist a beautiful pair of yoga pants?!? Ah….hello! Here I am at home being all inflamed in my muscles & all I can do is to scroll myself through Instagram & breathe  in the inspiration of every beautiful yogini/yogi that is going through my feed. And on top of it – they are all wearing gorgeous yoga pants! So I have had to get myself a few pairs too….cause they will eventually help me do that amazing @yoga_girl handstand!!!

So….here I am admitting to you that I am not free! I do have a terrible addiction, which makes my road much longer than just being able to do a handstand….the addiction of hoarding a wide variety of yoga pants because eventually I think those magic pairs will help me find that teeny tiny bit of bandha in making me sway still in a @yoga_girl handstand!


My yoga collection is turning fairly large…..and still yet I don’t have a strong bandha.

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