Night Readings w/ Mr. Tolle.

Just a few weeks ago I wasn’t ready for Eckhart Tolle but today I am. I never ever found comfort in anything as much as I have done in his book “The Power of Now”. I guess magic happens when the student is ready. Now I crave my night readings with being in the now. Having my baby snuggle right next to me & living in the moment of pure unconditional love, calmness & the magical words of Mr. Tolle.

It is amazing how we change our perspective & how we one day need something and the other day we don’t.



Today I went to a new Power Vinyasa class. It was one hour of a decent workout. I loved the teacher, she reminded me about myself. Her aura , personality & appearance vibrated gratefulness, zen & calmness. And in most of her vocabulary she used the word beautiful – which I tend to use a lot as well… maybe the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. Sometimes when I meet people I notice that they cannot relate to my word beautiful. At times I thought maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s my Swenglish vocabulary that isn’t broad enough since most of my feelings, experiences & moments relate to the word beautiful. And I question myself, is it really beautiful?

So finding a like minded person, who also happens to be a yoga teacher who sees everything to be beautiful was a beautiful experience in today’s practice!

I hope you will have a beautiful day just like I had.


Let Go vs. Let Be

There is a lot of talk of how we need to let go. However, from reading the book Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and from working towards living in a now, on top of working on adjusting to share my 6 month old baby with my in-laws. I feel that the let go process doesn’t work. Eckhart Tolle & my close healer friend says to accept your feelings & to stay with them. When you do that you don’t let go instead you let it be. So my new focus is not to let go of any of my anxieties, worries or problems. If I do I’m forcing the current feeling to a state that I’m not ready for yet meaning that I’m not living in the now. Instead I’m going to let myself be & live in the feeling of what I am feeling otherwise I’m not being in the now & forcing myself out of my current state of mind.


A New Scent.

So a few years ago I dreaded the smell of lavender. I couldn’t stand it. At that time I would add artificial perfumes and smells to not only myself but to my house, car & laundry. I would scent up anything I could scent up with any smell that would stink up the nostrils as much as it could.

Now I am the opposite! I love the smell of anything natural. And the best smell of all smells is the smell of some lavender! If I am spicing myself up a little I would add a little lavender to myself.

Isn’t it amazing how we can change & adapt once we grow up & become socially & environmentally responsible.


Finding bandha in the yoga pants…

So as a yogini I am always in the works of freeing myself from anything materialistic, addictive & tempting. But I have to admit that it is much easier said than done. I got myself away from ciggarettes & alcohol but I am still in the struggles with another addiction of craves that I got… pants!

Who wouldn’t be able to resist a beautiful pair of yoga pants?!? Ah….hello! Here I am at home being all inflamed in my muscles & all I can do is to scroll myself through Instagram & breathe  in the inspiration of every beautiful yogini/yogi that is going through my feed. And on top of it – they are all wearing gorgeous yoga pants! So I have had to get myself a few pairs too….cause they will eventually help me do that amazing @yoga_girl handstand!!!

So….here I am admitting to you that I am not free! I do have a terrible addiction, which makes my road much longer than just being able to do a handstand….the addiction of hoarding a wide variety of yoga pants because eventually I think those magic pairs will help me find that teeny tiny bit of bandha in making me sway still in a @yoga_girl handstand!


My yoga collection is turning fairly large…..and still yet I don’t have a strong bandha.

Being Content

Yesterday I went on a walk with a good friend of mine that I haven’t seen for a while and she asked me how I was doing. My response was that I’m feeling really good! A feeling of contentment was going through my body when I said that I was feeling good. I didn’t have any feelings of complaint, worries or anxieties, which I always would have had before. I didn’t have anything to complain about.

It’s amazing how my life has transitioned itself from always being worried, anxious & stressed out to now living a content filled life. Of course not every day is a joy – if they where then you would not notice the joy!