Moment of Now.

Every time I remind myself to be in the now I get sentimental. Not a depressive sentimental instead it is a grateful sentimental. And often times my eyes tear up. I’m wondering if those prego hormones still are spooking themselves in my body….I refocus myself to the moment, to my breath & to the initial impression of now. And since I spend most of my days together with my baby boy . The moment is together with him. And looking at him, touching him, smelling him & hearing him makes me soo grateful of life, being a mother, wife & living in the most beautiful place on planet earth.

The moment of now for me has become a beautiful yet very sentimental place that I never ever want to leave!


Ginger Tea Week

Last week the Yoga Soul was all out. I didn’t do any yoga during the whole week….I got muscle inflammation throughout my whole body. And spent all week recovering by drinking ginger honey tea. I think it might have to do with my stomach pain I get at times. Some sort of food allergy but I cannot figure out what it is…..this time it flared up because I ate Fage….

My husband reminded me about me maybe getting sick from it….but I figured I would just test and see if my body could handle it…..but it didn’t. The next day the mid section of my tongue was yellow like ever before & my muscles ached all over. At first I thought it was muscle soreness from my yoga practice but the pain persisted & the yellow coating reminded me about my last stomach pain flare-up.

Now a week later I’m feeling much better & thanks to the natural remedy of ginger honey tea my tongue is all clear & I’m back on my mat yogaing away with my handstand practice!😊