Not Ready to Leave the Now

At the moment I’m reading the book by Ekhart Tolle – Power of Now. While reading I have my growing sprout laying on my chest taking his nap. He has been sleeping on my chest since he was born. But now he has started to scoot himself off to the side so that he can fit right & still hear my heart.

I’m in the early beginning of the book & already feeling a little anxious as the pages goes. Having this beautiful baby on my chest & living in the now is amazing. But at times I’m in the epiphany of how the now quickly passes into a memory, which makes me want to stop time.

I’m soo fortunate to be a stay home mom. Off course I have times when it feels very challenging being a mom & spending most days around the baby with almost no social interaction other than my Instagram app – until papa comes home in the evening.

But having this precious baby on my chest, sleeping to the sound of my heart makes me want to freeze the now & not be reminded how it quickly turns into a past.

Eckhart Tolle is amazing but maybe I’m not ready for him yet….


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