Bodily Gratefulness

The other day I posted a mini comment about how I like to cuddle my kneecaps while doing the seated sequences in Ashtanga. A secret that I thought I was lonely about – and at times I thought I might be a little strange doing it as I never heard or see anyone else doing it. At times I do know that I totally take my body for granted. And should be more grateful for it taking care if me as much as it does.

….Pringles, M&M craves, Coffee Bean runs does take a toll on it…. And I cannot imagine how much it had to work while I was smoking & drinking alcohol.

However, thinking I was lonely in this bodily gratefulness was wrong. There where other beautiful yogis who admitted they do the same thing in their practice, which made me really happy. I’m so thankful to have found this amazing community of yogis & friends through the simple app of Instagram! Without it I wonder if I would ever have found out that other people cuddle their kneecaps & thank their bodies like I do.

Sending you love & light on this beautiful Friday! Now I’m off to thank my temple & kneecaps again!


2 thoughts on “Bodily Gratefulness

  1. This is wonderful Rita 🙂 Whenever we’re doing asanas on our backs, I throw in some extra knee-hugs — I like the idea of giving myself a hug as a way of saying “thank you” to my body for doing all that it does. It’s a good reminder — when you’re hugging yourself or expressing gratitude for your body in whatever way — that you deserve your own love. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this, it made me smile! Namaste. xo

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