Purity of Life & Life Changes

I was privileged of being able to become a mother during my lifetime and just by the day I see how my little boy is growing & developing into a personality of his own. How a clean slate of human being starts to develop feelings from the survival mode of primal instincts to waking up with a glowing smile to crying for comfort & love.

However, at times I get eye openers – from living my very coveted life in my tiki hut with my beautify husband & baby boy, doing yoga, reading Dalai Lama teachings & talking walks around one of the most beautiful places on earth Diamond Head to seeing terrible events happening in the news, getting doors shut in the face at the grocery store to people cutting in front of you in line. Those eye openers makes you both sad & shocked that there is another life outside of the coveted tiki hut life of love, care & family.

And it shockss me how we from being born with a purity of life become egotistical, hurtful & selfish. What makes us change so abruptly from the purity of life to loosing ourselves in adulthood?….Being a mother makes me wonder what life changes creates selfishness, hate & non-compassion.




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