Flashing Stink Eyes

For this past week I have gone & yogad twice. It has been challenging to know what class to take as I am Ashtanga addicted. And not all classes are Ashtanga based here on the island (even if I wished they where).

Instead I have had to take a mixture of other classes, which has been good but frustrating at times. The frustration has been when the teacher focus a lot of attention on creating a joined flow but forget that you are using the same body part throughout the sequence without giving it a break. An example would be that you do a warrior one. Secondly you go in to a humble warrior & third you go into Utthita Parsvakonasana A into locking your arms & jumping yourself forward into a birds of paradise. Just the whole sequence puts soo much pressure on one leg. So once you are in birds of paradise you are exhausted & your leg is all blood & energy deprived. And within all these asanas you don’t energize yourself with a vinyasa….during this time – my mind will get irritated & I shoot stink eyes left & right to my new teacher. It frustrates me & I loose slight interest in wanting to come back to class.

But in between all the stink eye flows the teacher includes balancing poses of handstands, crows & tortoise poses, which makes the stink eye turn into a smiling one. And out I walk as a happy yogi camper.


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